Visualization & gratitude was the first step that helped me to get my perfect body

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Hi friends,

Do you feel getting perfect weight is difficult? If you feel so then change your feelings because it is easy to get perfect weight. For me, to get my perfect body was really important as in day to day life I neglected it and some how gained weight but now I am back to my perfect weight and I am super happy.

In my journey to get my perfect figure, visualization, happy thoughts, gratitude and workout has helped. Few months back when I seriously decided that I want my perfect body, I started with visualizing myself in my perfect figure with my favourite outfits. Everyday whenever I felt good I visualized myself slim. I then started watching workout videos on youtube and focusing on ladies having perfect figure doing workout. I would also look (today also I do) at pictures of one of my favorite bollywood female actors Katrina Kaif. She has beautiful body and femine personality. I always admire her and she is my role model for getting my perfect body. Whenever I used to see her, I would appreciate her beauty. Also whenever I see any girl with perfect weight, I appreciate.

The questions like what workouts I should do, what food I should eat, How I will be able to spare time for workout and how much time I should do it, came to my mind but I left the questions to the Universe because it knows the best way to fulfill my wish. My work was to visualize, believe and be grateful in advance for my perfect body. In addition to this, I continued giving thanks to god for all the blessings in my life.

Visualization, gratitude and belief worked. It happened that due to my mid career shift, I took a break from my previous job and pursued my further studies and during this time span, I gave atleast an hour and a half everyday for workout. I love dance, so I included dance as well in my workout, so it became a fun filled exercise. I eat everything, all type of food and enjoy it. I love cooking too, so I prepare variety of recipes and enjoy with family.

I avoid junk food but if some or the other day I feel to have some of it,then I eat it with good feelings avoiding any worry about my figure. Alongwith all these efforts, its important to stay grateful and happy everyday to get desired results and enjoy life.

Focus on your desired body and not the opposite of it, if you wish to get your perfect body. Feelings of dissatisfaction about any part of your body will attract more of situations making you feel more and more dissatisfied. So love your body and be grateful for it. Unless you love what you have presently, you cannot get what you desired. Do what makes you enjoy your workout. There are no fixed numbers of workouts. Do what you are comfortable at. If you love morning or evening walk, then do it. If you love cycling or swimming, do it. If you love dance, do it. Do what you love along with visualization. Unless you see it in your mind first, you can’t achieve it in your physical reality. When you visualize and feel real that you have your perfect body, you will believe it and once you strongly believe and be happy for it, Universe will open all ways for you to reach your desire. You can start with looking at pictures of your desired body and feeling grateful in advance, if you don’t know how to visualize.

If getting perfect body is one of your desires, then go ahead. Try things, I have suggested if you feel it appropriate. You will surely get your desired body because the law of attraction is faithful to your thoughts and feelings. Give out feelings of your perfect body and you shall get it. Don’t stress yourself, just be cool and do regular activities and workouts. Avoid commenting on people about their body if comments are negative. Be happy and appreciate good things in life.



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