An unusual thing happened and my wish got fulfilled

This is a very simple but unusual experience that again made me realize that our loving Universe can do anything for fulfilling our wish, no matter how small or big it is.

Few months back I gifted my mom-dad, their cute couple photo beautifully framed. When I gifted it, I asked mom to place the photo frame on a small table near Lord Krishna’s metal idol and our landline phone in the living room. I felt that place the best for mom-dad’s photo. However, mom did not wish to place the photo on that table. I asked the reason for her refusal to keep photo there, she said it would not look good if people (friends and other known people visiting our house, if any) see such couple picture because my mom dad are now old. I explained mom that the photo is for you and dad and for our family and not for others. You and dad are soulmates and what’s wrong in keeping such cute photo in front on the table? I believe everyone will appreciate the photograph and your love for eachother.

Even after my explanation, mom did not agree and kept the photoframe on the printer near our desktop PC placed at the other corner of the living room. I didnot argue thereafter and accepted mom’s wish. Everyone was so happy looking at this cute photograph. Our friends and known people whoever visited us, appreciated the photograph if they happened to look at the photo some how because it was placed at other corner far from the sofa set and from where guest would not normally see the photograph. Later I forgot about my wish of placing the photo on the small table near sofa set, on which Lord Krishna’s idol is kept. Though I forgot, god didn’t.

Four days back, an unusual thing happened in the night when we were watching movie on our desktop PC. The speaker which was placed horizontally on the monitor due to space contraint on the table, slipped from the monitor and fell off. This speaker was placed on the monitor horizontally since past many years, yes!!! you read it right, past many years. In those years, not a single time such thing has happened. Till that night, the speaker had never slipped from the top of the monitor. But that night it happened. Dad picked up the speaker and placed it again on the monitor the way it was kept earlier. Next two days again same thing happened in afternoon and evening. Finally, day before yesterday, when again it happened, dad picked up the speaker and placed it on the printer and changed the location of the photo frame from above the printer to the small table near the sofa set. That day also I did not realize that all this happened to fulfill my wish.

Today afternoon when I just casually looked at the photograph and smiled as always, it just dawned on me. Suddenly I realized that the photo frame was at the exact location where I wished it to be since beginning but let go off my wish for mom’s satisfaction. When I realised this, I was so happy and told mom that see Universe also want your and dad’s picture to be placed in front where everyone can see and appreciate your love and your bonding would enhance more and more everyday. Mom agreed and smiled to what I said but then mom said “Universe did not do, your dad put the photograph on the small table”. I said yes! he did placed it, but why? because the speaker’s position was changed, and why speaker’s position was changed because it fell off from the monitor suddenly one day after so many years and who did it, Universe and why? to change the location of your photograph and fulfill my wish. So ultimately Universe did everything. Mom smiled and said yes!!! Had the speaker did not fell off, dad would not have changed the position of the speaker and the photograph.

Isn’t this an amazing experience, wow!!!



Law of attraction is always faithful.


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