Do what you love

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The best way to feel happy is to do what we love. Doing things that makes us happy uplifts our frequency high. Whatever makes you happy, do it more often like reading books, cooking variety of recipes, listening to songs, spending time with family and friends, laughing and doing work together, dancing, doing workouts, going to gym and/or yoga, enhancing your talents and hobbies, playing sports, playing musical instruments, singing, cleaning house, doing other household works, gardening, etc. There are numerous activities which gives us so much peace and happiness. We should get busy in such activities that gives us joy. Everyone deserves happiness and god wants us to be super happy always, so we should always try to get engaged in such fun loving activities and be happy.

It is true that we feel happy when our desires are fulfilled but it is equally true that if we appreciate and enjoy every small thing we do, more and more amazing things come our way that includes fulfillment of our desires as well. One recent incidence I would like to share here, few days back I got a good news of my brother-in-law’s (Jiju) success in one professional exam. All in the family were so happy. I thanked god for this incredible good news and to my delight that same day later in the evening, we got another good news of success in CS Foundation exam of one of the past students of my mom’s tution. Being grateful for one good news magnetized another good news as the law of attraction works 24×7. So if we indulge ourselfs in joyful activities, we will magnetize more and more good things in our life.


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