Magic of visualizaton and joyful feelings about water

Since past one week I have started 28 days gratitude practice from the book “The Magic” by Ms. Rhonda Byrne. It feels amazing doing these gratitude practices again after 3 years. In past three years I have learned and tried to adopt an attitude of gratitude whereby I give heartfelt thanks to god for all the blessings in my life right now. Still sometimes I forget to give gratitude to many of the blessings and that leads to negativity in life. So to again boost up my days with gratitude, I began these practices where I write 10 blessings every morning along with other activities given in the book to be done through out the day.

The day I have started these gratitude practices, some or the other magics have started happening more and more than usual like receiving unexpected money, lunches, positivity in friends and family, joyful experiences, my favorite songs and movies being played on TV, hearing real life miracle stories from friends, etc. Out of these, I would like to share with you one such magical experience where my visualization and joyful feelings have attracted more water in a lake near by our society. Surprised? Sounds interesting right? But this is true.

Last week one of my friends who also believes in the law of Universe, shared with me a real life miracle story which she heard while her visit to holy pilgrimage of Tirupati Balaji in Southern India. She also shared her experience of how unexpected people came out of no where and helped her family to reach the temple of Shri Tirupati Balaji.

I read the story through the below link which my friend shared with me.

This is really an amazing story where an IAS officer solved the problem of water crisis in his town with the help of positive vibrations. To know how he did that, who helped him, how god gave him amazing signal to take correct decision, please go through the link above. This is really incredible.

When I heard and read about this story, it gave me enormous joy and increased my deep faith in god and the power of positive vibrations. It automatically happens that when I listen to or read any story, I start visualising what all is said there in. So in this case as well, I started visualising lakes overflowing with water and the way the IAS officer prayed for guidance from god, when I read the story and shared.

I shared this story with my friends and family and every time I thought about this story, I was feeling so joyful and amazing. This joyful feeling and visualization showed the magic the very next day.

Every evening, I, my dad and our family friend (uncle) go for evening walk by the lake side nearby our society. The lake is very old and exist since more than 3 decades now. It fills completely with water during monsoon but in summer there is negligible water. We can see migrating birds often in this lake almost in all seasons. Now the local authorities have constructed a walking area surrounding the lake and is constructing park and fountains for childrens and visitors besides the lake. It feels so amazing while walking besides the lake enjoying the cool breeze. It has been over 6 days we have started this evening walk and everyday we used to look at the lake water, birds and animals. Before I read the above miracle story, the water in the lake was negligible. But still, everyday I used to praise how beautiful the lake looks when filled with water all over in the monsoon. The very next day of listening, reading and sharing this miracle story, I saw something delightful as well as miraculous in the lake. The water in the lake was widely spread in more than double the area compared to earlier. We all were so happy to see water in huge area of lake though not fuly filled but was spread in much more surface area than the previous day and there were more birds and animals playing in the lake. The sight was so beautiful, I couldn’t stop smiling and praising the beauty and expressing my heartfely gratitude to god for this magic. Also, it is summer right now, so presently there are no rains to increase the water in the lake. I know and believe that this beautiful sight was the result of my joyful feelings and visualization about lakes overflowing by water as I read and shared the story mentioned above. Isn’t this powerful and amazing? I loved this experience. Magic is every where, if you believe. Law of attraction can do impossible possible.


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