A strong communication before it actually manifested

Few months back I had made a wish about money, that was very crucial for me. It was my heart’s strong desire. I believed god will definitely fulfill it. But as days passed on, I let the thought go and forgot about it. You can say I compromised with my wish because I thought it was not a priority and gave all my good feelings for what was in front of me but as the Universe till now has never made me compromise with my desires no matter what the outer circumstances may seem, how can it disappoint me now? The Universe did the magic.

Day before yesterday a miracle happened, my heartfelt wish about money that I had made few months back got fulfilled. I was so surprised and happy, it was so important for me also because my other dreams are related to it. I am really very very happy.

Best part was the Universe’s strong communication about this miracle. Three days back I saw this picture (see at the end of this post) on facebook feeds shared by ‘ The Secret’ fb page. When I saw this image, I couldn’t understand how to react for a moment. There was a strong positive frequency flowing in my body. I believed something amazing is going to happen in this week. And after two days of this sign from the loving Universe, this miracle happened. I am extremely grateful to god for loving me so much. Thank you god. Now I am expecting more and more miracles and I believe they are on the way.


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