Her behaviour changed for the best

This incidence happened in my first job some 6 years back. There was a lady in accounts department of our firm. She was in cash and billing section. Her nature was good but some how that was overlooked by people because of her rude behaviour. There was a sharpness in her voice. She was never polite to anyone in the office except her reporting manager and her close friend.

Everyone in the office used to complain about her rude behaviour. No one liked her. I also experienced her rudeness while talking on call and in person as well. Initially two three times I felt really odd about her rude behaviour because I was always polite to her on call as well as in person. I thought “what is the problem with her, I am being so polite and she is talking rude unnecessarily. I should also respond to her rudely”. But then I thought, if I react in this way then what is the difference between her and me and there might be some personal issues or any other reason behind her rude behaviour. So I continued being polite to her inspite of her bad behaviour. I ignored her way of responding completely and did not give much thoughts on it.

I worked in that firm for four years. It was a very good experience working there on awesome projects.

Initially two years the rudeness in her behaviour continued and people continued to dis like her and complain about her. But in the third year of my job there, I saw her rudeness towards me was reducing. She was a bit polite to me in talking and responding to calls and meetings. This really surprised me but I was happy. I continued to be good to her.

In the fourth year, something absolutely magical started happening. Her behaviour towards me was completely transformed. She was not the lady whom I met three years back. She became very polite to me and started sharing feelings with me. She was a bit fed up with people with whom she was interacting at work everyday, who were not much co-operating her in terms of documentation and other work, also there was work load from her seniors and may be some personal issues which made her frustrating that resulted in rude behaviour towards each and every person at work.

I felt good that the way I behaved towards her was appropriate. No person in this world can be so bad from birth but circumstances and people around can make them so. However, people never think about reasons but straight way disapprove and dislike that person. This is a sort being judgemental where you are judging a person based on his/her behaviour but you are not trying to understand why the person is behaving in a certain way.

The law of Universe says “What you give, you receive”, so if you want to receive polite behaviour, be polite to others. I am happy because my patience and politeness towards that lady, brought out politeness from her. She became quite calm. If I too would have talked to her rudely, it would have given me more bad feeling than good. But thanks to the Universe for guiding me appropriately.

I have learned that one should not be judgemental towards any person unless we know them properly. Each and every negative feeling given out by us for self or others will bring more negativity and positive thoughts and feelings given out for self and others will bring more peace, love and harmoney in our relationships.


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