Manifested food for cow, thank you Universe.

Today morning while looking out of the window of my bedroom, I noticed a cow at a distance searching food near the garbage area of our society. I could see only the face of the cow. As I saw the cow searching food, instant words came out of my mouth, “God! That cow is searching for food, she is hungry, please give her food. Thank you god for her perfect food”. After saying this I got buzy in my workout and did not think about this prayer anymore.

After about an hour, I saw a man dumping something on the open space exactly opposite of my window on the side of the road. It was a heap of lush green leaves of banana tree and some other plants that was cut from one of the residence’s garden and was dumped there. This also did not click me why the guy came out of the blue and dumped the greenery there. Everyday this doesn’t happen. Infact for past many months, this has not happened because that’s the parking area of our society and it is always full of cars. But today the situation was different.

Later on after an hour or so while doing some work, I just glanced out of the window and to my utter delight I saw two cows eat the lush green leaves dumbed by that guy in the parking area. Then I realised my morning wish that I had put out to the Universe for the cow. I was super happy. I also showed it to my mom and told her about my morning prayer for cow’s food. I told her that I want to click the picture of those cows eating food. Mom was so happy, she said “you will now put this on your blog, right?”. I said “Yes!!! Right” and we both were smiling. Without wasting much time, I went out and clicked two three pictures of the cows. I was so happy that I couldn’t control my joy and started crying. I thanked god numerous times for providing them food. People do provide home made food to cows, dogs and cats here in our society but I am really happy that god provided green leaves to the cows. I can’t thank god enough for this blessing, atleast for today they don’t have to search garbage area for food. I am really happy and grateful to the Universe who listens to our heart always and answers our every single prayer. Thank you god. I love animals.

Sharing here one of the pictures clicked today. If you zoom, you would clearly see cows eating leaves.


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