Music can take you to your dream life

Music is such a powerful source for uplifting our frequency. It has the power to uplift our frequency to the highest or pull it down to the lowest. It is up to you what you choose to receive.

I always listen to only those songs which keeps me on the highest frequency always. Music is an integral part of each and every person now a days, also because it is accessible anywhere you go. I listen to my favorite songs every single day and it gives me so much boost in positive energy. My favorite songs keep me focused on my dreams every single moment.

Your life depends on your choice about what music and what songs you listen. Songs with positive words and music that makes you feel excited and joyful is very important because they take you to your goals by motivating you every single time you listen to them. Only exciting and joyful songs and music can give you joyful life and take you to your dreams.

I am heartily grateful to the Universe and all the people who make such exciting, motivating and beautiful joyful songs because they are the most integral part of my life. I always visualize my dreams as if real when I listen to those songs. Of course I do visualize my goals being fulfilled any time of the day whenever I feel to do it.  Visualizing our dreams as if already being fulfilled makes it possible to create our dream life. It helps us to believe in our dreams and take action towards our goals with the Universe’s guidance which is available 24×7.

I would suggest you guys to make the most of your favorite uplifting, exciting and joyful songs. They will surely take you to your dreams in life.

There are many songs which are my favorites but I would like to share few songs here with you all that gives me instant boost in my positive spirit and helps me to go in the direction of my dreams. These songs have a magic that is amazing. I am sharing here the videos of those songs but I don’t watch video everyday rather only listen to the songs from my phone when I do my workouts and any other time if it doesn’t disturb my work or in leisure time.  Do listen once, you will definitely feel the magic.



If you wish to visualize or feel amazing about your love life and soulmate, listen to the joyful loving romantic songs every day.  Sharing here some of my favorite romantic songs.

The above is a bollywood song (audio only) with English sub titles, from the movie ‘Jannat’.

Enjoy these magical songs with heartfelt gratitude to the Universe for every good moment in your life and LIVE YOUR DREAMS.


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