My Stationery bike got fixed so soon

For past few months my stationery bike’s left pedal was not working smoothly. The bolt was damaged and was creating hindrance while pedaling. I used to fit it and get it work some how every time I would cycle. Later on it was getting worse. That was few days back when I wrote in my journal that “I wish to have my stationery bike repaired and perfectly working”. After writing, I thanked god for making my bike perfect. I did not want to take my cycle to repair shop but wished that some how dad would help me repair. Dad knew about its pedal issue but he some how forgot and got busy in his work. Dad did not think of making my bike seriously as he thought now it might be working perfectly as I continued to use it every single day in spite of problem. But when I wrote about repairing my bike in my journal on 26th Jan’2016, I believed god will do everything perfectly.

Day before yesterday, I and my dad went to see our family doctor as I was not well and my dad also had some knee pain so we had to consult. Doctor told my dad to reduced weigh, eat healthy and exercise. He told dad to do cycling if he can’t go for walk. I have exercise cycle so doctor told dad to do cycling.

Yesterday morning when I woke up I was surprised to see my stationery bike was disassembled and dad was doing something. I asked dad, “What are doing dad?”, dad said “The left pedal is not properly working when I tried to cycle so I am just checking what’s the problem”. “Did you get the problem?” I asked. “Yes! The bolt is damaged and need to be replaced. Tomorrow will get a bolt and fix it” he said. I was so happy.

Today dad bought a new bolt and fixed my stationery bike. Can’t believe, pedal is working so smooth and awesome. I love my dad, he is not only an Electronic Engineer but an all rounder and above all best dad. Now I and my dad, both will be doing cycling on my stationery bike everyday. Woo hoo!!! Today I wrote “Thank you god, received” beside my wish about fixing my stationery bike in my journal. Thank you so much god. I did not expect the way everything happened but I am happy that it happened so soon.

Law of attraction always rocks.


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