Air cooler repaired as I envisioned.

Few months back due to some reason our air cooler was damaged. Its fan was burned and all the nuts and bolts etc. got rusted due to water inside. Summer was just over so it was a relief that the cooler worked properly in last summer. This was an old cooler and was in a very good condition, so when it got damaged, dad took the fan to the repair shop and thought to do the rest of the repairing on his own as he is an electronic engineer.

Later for two three months dad was busy and could not spare time for repairing the cooler thought he wanted to do it as soon as possible because the dis-assembled cooler was lying in the room since few months and it was occupying much space. Everyday we used to see cooler parts and thought “When this will get repaired?”.

Few days back I was working in the room where the dis-assembled cooler was kept with other stuff. For few seconds I looked at it and then suddenly realized “how about trying intentional law of attraction”. I immediately opened my journal in which I write gratitude and dreams. Along with other wishes I wrote about getting this air cooler repaired and gave thanks to god in advance for perfect working of cooler as if it is actually done. After writing, I closed my eyes for few seconds and visualized the air cooler fully assembled standing at one corner of the room and perfectly working. I was so happy to see perfectly working air cooler in my visualization. I wrote this in my journal on 26th January 2016.

Later I let the thought go and just believe that it will happen. Yesterday, 5th February 2016, our cooler got repaired and is working absolutely perfect. Dad completed the work yesterday. All were so happy. The work which was pending for many months, got completed within just 10 days, Wow!!! Can’t believe positive thoughts and visualization are so powerful. Once again it worked and all are so happy. I told mom dad that I had envisioned the cooler perfectly working and god manifested it in so short time. Thank you god. Now in few months Summer is approaching and the cooler is ready.

Sharing here the picture of the statement I wrote about the cooler in my journal. Hope this experience ignites the positivity and awareness about power of thoughts and the law of attraction in you all.


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