Double Sun

Few days back for some reason I asked for a sign to the Universe for uplifting my mood and to make my belief strong for my dreams. The sign I asked for was “Double Sun” means two Suns at one place. When I thought of asking two suns as a sign, I thought may be I will see a drawing or picture of two suns or an advertisement or something like that. I know there cannot be two Suns in reality but I asked to see double sun somewhere as a sign. I did not think of how and when I will see but was sure that god will show me the sign.

Later I forgot about this but how can our loving Universe can forget this. Just now I was listening to my favourite songs and was browsing beautiful nature pictures on web as I love to see beautiful pictures because they give me so much positive energy and a zeal to live my life to the fullest and achieve my dreams.

As I was browsing pictures on, I came across a beautiful image that really stunned me. It was having two suns at one place. This is so amazing. See the image below. I was so very happy to see my sign and can you believe, the search term I had put which gave me the pictures along with this image was “Live Dreams”. This is really a big sign from god that I am correct at following the path that I have chosen to pursue my dreams and I believe I will achieve each of my dreams because I deserve to live my dreams.


Do you?


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