Magical increase in Platelet Count

On 18th January 2016, I received an email from one of my readers seeking help for his friend who was hospitalized and was critical.  Here is an extract from the email:

“Hi Gargi,

My friend has been hospitalized since last Saturday 9th Jan 2016 because of Low Blood Platelet count. He is physically completely normal with no signs or symptoms of any disease. But, his Platelets are not increasing and it has been almost 10 days now. Doctor in the hospital also seems to be clueless. We are going for a second opinion tomorrow, but we are really really worried.
I have been reading your blogs and you have used the Universe powers to heal your near and dear ones.  Would you be able to help me and my friend? Can you try the power of universe to heal my dear Friend. I am looking every possible way to get him back to normal and I would be very grateful to you if you can help me just by wishing him good health and helping him to heal quickly. Please please please help.
Thanks a lot for all your help.”
It is true that god has always helped those who have deep faith in him.  When I read this email I was quite silent for few seconds and then I just thought the fast way to help recover his friend was ‘GRATITUDE’.  Yes!!! The doctors were doing their job perfectly, so what I and his family members and friends could do was pray to god.  I replied to his email that very moment.  I asked him to write on a piece of paper “Thank you god for ….name of friend…’s perfect recovery”.   Also I told him to pray everyday in a positive statement to god “Thank you god for my friend’s perfect health” and feel as grateful as he could.
After replying to him I prayed for his friend’s fast recovery to god with all my heart and asked my loving god to show me word “Healthy” anywhere as a sign that his friend will recover fast and will be healthy soon.  I prayed this at our Pooja room and then I went to another room for some work, while looking for something in the cupboard my eyes got stuck on a toothpaste.  I was shocked for what I saw on the toothpaste.  It was written “Healthy” on it.  I got the sign that he will recover fast and god is taking care of his health.  Sharing here the image of what I saw:
Literally my eyes became wet with joy.  I thanked god again and again for this.  Though I did not know the guy for whom I was praying but I know the importance of life and could understand the feelings of his near and dear ones who were with him day and night.  As I received my sign, I was happy that now he is healthy, god is there to take care of him.  Everyday I prayed to god for his perfect health.  Similarly his near and dear ones also prayed for him.
As the days passed, I got but busy in my work.  However, yesterday 25th January 2016, I remembered his friend and thought “he must have recovered now”.  Though my belief was strong that he will recover fast, I wished to know about his recovery.  I asked god to let me know that he has recovered.  After this, I did not gave much thought on this and carried on my work.
Today 26th January 2016, in the morning while checking my emails I got a surprise.  I got an email from that person that his friend has started recovering magically.  Here is the extract of the email I received today and that made me so happy.
“Dear Gargi,

You have indeed been a great help to me. Your guidance and direction did help to overcome the anxiety, stress and struggle in one of the most testing times I have ever been through. My friend was hospitalized first for 10 days and then discharged, but, he was not completely normal at that time. Doctors said that he has to recover completely at home and in case of any signs or symptoms he will need to return back to the hospital. His platelet count was 30k when he was discharged. But within a day he got some sign back and this time we took him to another doctor and hospital recommended by most. The first and second day at the hospital his count dipped below 10k and that was the most testing time. Everyone was worried. I talked with him and did tell him to not worry at all, visualize himself in the best of his health and be grateful to the almighty (or universe) for it. I definitely did follow it myself, amidst some worry off course, because the condition was critical. Doctors started second line of treatment on the evening of second day. We were asked for a highly expensive treatment (An injection which costs 50K, and he is required to take 4 such injections). We were a little skeptical as we did not know whether it will work as all prior medications failed. But, finally he and his family decided that money is not as important as the health and the person himself, so all agreed to it. The first injection was given on 22nd Jan. When we saw the reports on 23rd Jan we were pleasantly surprised to see that his platelet count was 90k. The following day it went to 150K and doctors talked about giving him discharge from the hospital. Yesterday 25th Jan he was discharged from the hospital with a platelet count of 175k. The other 3 injection dose are still to be given at a gap of 1 week and he is ready to bear the expense. But, the bottom line is we are happy to see him recover. We are all praying and thanking everyone who prayed for us. I still have that paper on which I have written “Thank you God for Atul Mehra’s perfect recovery”. I read it everyday and thank God.”
I was so happy to read this mail.  He thanked me again and again although I feel the credit goes to the loving God for this miracle.  God loves every single person on this earth, important is to have unwavering faith in him, pray in positive statements and express gratitude with all our heart in advance for whatever we wish to have along with heartfelt gratitude for whatever we do have right now.  Atul Mehra’s fast recovery is a result of strong positive prayers from his near and dear ones and doctors’ timely treatment.  Positive prayers helps doctors as well to do perfect treatment.  I believe he will soon complete the treatment and will be perfectly healthy.
Every person on this earth has the power to heal himself, his near and dear ones and any person on the earth without being dependent on anyone.  Important is to know and believe that they have the power.  It is not that I have any extra ordinary powers, it is that I am aware of this power of positive thoughts, feelings and heartfelt gratitude and the most powerful law of physics ie., the law of attraction.
Therefore, it is always my efforts to make people understand about the law of attraction and make them realize that they have the power to create their life beautifully.  They have the power to heal and they have the power to establish peace and love in this world.

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