Got lower berth as wished

After fifteen days of enjoyment with cousins, it was the time to bid them happy return journey to their town. Yesterday, all my cousins returned to their town with lots of beautiful memories. The night before yesterday, my cousin elder sister was quite worried about their return tickets as two out of three were waitlisted and the one confirmed was upper berth. They were three people, my cousin elder sister, her mom (my dad’s elder sister) and her daughter. Her mom is around 73 years of age and it was not possible for her to step up the upper berth. So my sister was quite tensed thinking that what if they don’t get any lower berth after all tickets get confirmed. I told her not to worry and be positive. I told her to believe that they will get one lower berth for sure. On my words, she and her daughter (my niece) said that the chances of getting a lower berth in case of waitlisted tickets are very slim, also people don’t exchange their seats if needed. As the train had only one bogie of second AC, possibility was very low to get lower berth for waitlisted tickets. This was their view. I listened to them calmly and said that though there is only one bogie of second AC and tickets are waitlisted, you will get one lower berth confirmed ticket for aunty. We ended the topic here and got busy in other work.

After the above discussion, while casually talking about this blog ‘Live your dreams – Create the life you wish’, I shared few of my experiences written on this blog with my cousins. My sister read two blog posts about the law of attraction and was happy to see my work. She asked me about other experiences if any, so I shared few other experiences with them. After I told them about how our thoughts and feelings create our reality, she said “Gargi! Just now when you were telling me about positive thoughts, the law of attraction and your experiences, I had only one thought in my mind and that was I will surely get one lower berth for my mom and now I am feeling relaxed. I am not worried now because I will get one lower berth”.

I was happy that she thought and felt positive after listening to my experiences about the law of attraction and she affirmed in her mind and strongly felt that yes she will definitely get lower berth ticket.

That night, after an hour of our discussion about the law of attraction and her strong positive feelings, it was the time to check the reservation status as the chart was prepared. My niece checked the PNR status online and Bingo!! both the waitlisted tickets were confirmed with one lower berth. All were so happy and relaxed. My sister and my niece were so happy to know that their positive thoughts and feelings and my knowledge sharing about the law of Universe helped them and how positive thought and feelings about getting lower berth ticket actually got them the lower berth as wished for my aunt. We are really grateful to god for manifesting our wish again.

I am very happy because now the awareness has begun about the law of attraction and power of mind and heart in creating our reality, in my cousins’ life. I am sure they will understand the law and definitely create their life as they wish for because everyone deserves the best of life.


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