Miraculous healing of relationships

People are real assets of our life. Can you imagine your life without your family and friends with whom you spend most of your time sharing your love and care, your all kind of thoughts and your mood, may it be good or bad? Can you imagine your work life without your colleagues and peers?

If you ask me, I would say for me people are true treasure of my life. I love people ie. My family, all my relatives, my friends, my colleagues, my acquaintances, my neighbours, my family’s social circle, my blog readers and all the people in this world. They are all an integral part of my life and my wealth. I believe its same for majority of the people on this earth.

If people love people, if people need people, if people want people, then today why there are relationship problems? why there is bitterness in hearts for one another? There is only one reason for this bitterness in hearts and that is we forget what good deeds people have done for us. We forget the blessings we received from others’ kind and loving acts. Most of the time people in any relationship, may it be parents and children, siblings, in-laws or friends, focus on what they don’t like about the other person. Blaming is the easiest thing to do. It is very easy to find fault with the person and blame him/her for not doing good to you or for making you upset. People tend to go with what is easy, its human nature and that needs a change because every person who came in your life has done something good to you and that need to be appreciated.

When you blame the other person for his/her bad behaviour, you are attracting more of that behaviour. I can say you too might have intentionally or unintentionally hurt someone sometime somewhere but is it proper for people to say that you are not good?

When we forget what good others have done for us, we start finding faults. When we start finding faults with people, we gradually start blaming them for behaving bad to us. When we blame or find faults with people, we are disapproving that person and that bad feeling attracts more and more bad behaviour from people. In any relationship, self respect is important but ego is not. If someone is hurting your self respect, then you need to let go of that person or relationship for sometime but during this time gap, its important you don’t hold any hard feelings for that person in your heart because when you don’t hold any grudges for that person, you are not giving out negative thoughts and feelings, and so you help Universe to heal your relationship in the best way.

People tend to blame others for their unhappiness. They would say “he/she did this and that, but for a moment just think, is there any good thing that they did for you till now? Just think, is there anything they did to you for which you are grateful to them?. They might have helped you in cash or kind, they might helped you smile and laugh, they might have wiped your tears sometime in past, they might have helped your family or friends sometime. There must be something good they did for you till now. When you start looking at good in others and start expressing heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for that good, you are giving out the highest frequency of love and that must bring more and more love to you and to your relationships.

The main reason of problems in any relationship is ungratefulness for the good done by the other person in the relationship. Ego is the second reason for failure in relationship. Many people have such a high ego that even if they realize their mistake, they find it hard to admit it because they feel they would be seen low if they admit their mistakes. There is no harm in admitting your mistake if you are in fault and it never makes you feel low, rather you would be respected for your gutts and honesty.

Ungratefulness towards a person’s good deeds give out negative fequencies of complaints, disapproval and blames attracting more of that resulting in spoiled relationships. On the other side, expressing gratitude and appreciation for what good the other person has done for you, gives out highest frequency of love attracting more and more love and joy in your relationships.

Gratitude and appreciation are extremely powerful. They can heal any problem in your life miraculously, so relationships are no exceptions.

If there is/are any failed or not so good relationship(s) in your life right now that you wish to heal, start expressing gratitude and appreciation towards what is good about that person and the relationship. Be grateful for whatever good he/she did for you, be grateful for all the good moments you shared and enjoyed with eachother. After you start expressing gratitude for good qualities and deeds in the other person and the relationship, see how magically your relationship is healed.

Also, continue to express your heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for all the good things in all the areas of your life. Always remember, what you hold now (good or bad) in your thoughts and feelings (ie. Mind and heart) for self or others, is creating your future life experiences because the law of attraction is working 24×7. Bad thoughts and feelings attract more of bad experiences that will make you feel more and more bad, and good thoughts and feelings will attract more of good experiences that will make you feel more joyful and happy.

Be grateful and be joyful always. Keep smiling and keep loving, that’s the way life should be lived.


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