I apologized for my mistakes

Thanks a ton to god, today I have recovered from illness that I was sufferring from past 10 days. These 10 days have taught me many lessons. I tried my best to get my health back at the earliest. Only medicines was not enough, positive state of mind was more important for early recovery. It was cough and cold initially which became chronic later. I would not discuss in details about the illness because it will further spread to myself and readers, rather I would like to share my lessons learned.

My lessons learned in past 10 days are –

1. Never take health for granted. 15 days back I was absolutely healthy, rather I would say in past 2 years, I never faced illness, thanks to god and the knowledge of the law of attraction. 15 days back, I attended two social functions which continued till late night. It was winter here and evening and nights were very cold. I had warm jacket with me which I had bought some days back. Though I had warm jacket to protect my body from cold, I did not wear it most of the time during social function that was organized in open party plots. I was feeling damn cold but ignored it and did not wear the warm jacket. God had given me warm jacket but I ignored it and took my health for granted. This was my mistake.

2. Around 20 days back, while talking to one of my friends about illness of her father, the illness was discussed in so much detail and I too shared my negative experiences of past illnesses. This all led my energy into the thoughts and discussions about illness. This was my mistake.

3. When I caught this illness 10 days back, I was going through some low moment. I was not on joyful frequency, so being on low frequency made it easy to catch up with illness. This was my mistake.

In last two days I realized all these mistakes and yesterday I apologized to god for my mistakes. I did not deserves what I suffered in last 10 days. With god’s grace, I was not hospitalisd. Had I been grateful for my good health and had I been away from doing such mistakes I would have saved myself from this suffering and my family’s discomforts and worries due to my illness.

Yesterday I determined to get my health back and asked god to help me. Without waisting time, I opened the book “The Magic” by Rhoda Byrne and started reading chaper on magic health, and all about gratitude for health. I began giving thanks for each and every part of my body as given in the book. The only thought in my mind was to get my amazing health back. After reading the book, I was feeling better. Then as I was lying on bed, I put my favourite songs on my phone that I listen while doing my workouts. In my mind I visualized myself doing my workouts while hearing songs. I was smiling and feeling so good as if I am actually doing it.

Today morning, I was feeling so much healthy and I couldn’t believe,I had a very good sleep last night after so many sleepless nights. I am extremely grateful to god for helping me get my health back. And my heartfelt gratitude to Rhona Byrne for her book that too helped me recover instantly. Thank you so much god. I promise not to repeat my mistakes in future. Thank you thank you thank you for the gift of health.


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