What is our responsibility?

Today we are facing extreme negativity in this world in the form of natural calamities, terrorism, crime, etc. Recently, news headlines are again covered with incidences of terrorist attacks world wide taking lives of millions of innocent people and brave soldies who martyred for saving their land and people.

As a layman, what is our duty towards those brave soldiers because of whom we are alive and living a safe life on this mother earth today? What is our duty towards other laymans who are good innocent human beings living on this earth?

Whenever any unfortunate incidences like terrorist attacks occurs and many lives are lost, we express condolence, we express grief and say RIP on social network sites. We share the news everywhere and pray for peace.

Why is it that we pray for peace only after any such negative incident happens? For somedays till such incidences are in news, we continue praying for peace and sharing the grief of lost lives. Aftersome days, everything is normal. Normal in the sense, we stop praying for world peace. Our prayers narrows down to our small family and friends circle, we forget our big family “the world”. We forget brave soldiers except on independence and republic day, and in unfortunate incidences.

People forget that the power of collective prayer is extremely powerful. And when it comes to gratitude, the prayer works with all its highest forces.

Is it not our responsibilty to pray for love and peace and express gratitude for peace in the world every single day? Prayers are not meant only for after occurrances. It is really important to understand the power of gratitude expressed in advance for what we wish to see in this world. Collective prayers of billions of people done everyday across the globe for love and peace has immense power to bring peace in this world and save millions of lives including lives of our brave soldiers. Everyone of us cannot go on borders but atleast we can pray for world peace every single day with all our heart.

Each day of your life, give your positive energy for the world peace and contribute towards saving millions of lives. Pray for the world everyday the way you do for your family and friends. Collective gratitude prayers are immensely powerful and miraculous. Do it.


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