Thought of a puncture and there it happened.

I am writing this post sitting on a chair near puncture repairing centre. As the person here is repairing the punctured tube and my dad taking care of our vehicle being repaired, I was free to sit and look around. So thought of utilising this free time for writing the post.

I was out for some work with my dad just now. While crossing the road, our vehicle’s rear wheel’s tube got punctured. The moment dad saw the punctured wheel, he said, “for past four days I was thinking that our vehicle should not get punctured and today this happened”. Dad further said this puncture happened because of his thoughts about it and that he should not have thought negative. In short dad did pray but it was negative. He prayed “Puncture should not happen” rather than feeling grateful for perfectly working vehicle. The law of attraction listened to his negative prayers. The law of attraction doesn’t understand that dad did not want the puncture, it faithfully manifested puncture because focus went to “puncture” and where the focus goes, energy goes and where the energy goes, it attracts like things on that energy frequency. Frequency of dad’s thoughts was on “puncture” and so it attracted puncture.

However, we are really grateful that god provided “puncture repairing centre” within half km where our vehicle got punctured and we did not have to pull the vehicle for long distance.

This once again shows how much important it is to think good thoughts and also it is important to learn how to shift to positive thoughts and feelings from negative ones.


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