Every single act, may it be a simple gesture or a big favour has a value and the value which we give people is much more satisfying to our heart than any other thing in life. If we really want to live in abundance, we should give more in value compared to what we receive. Sharing experience about our acts of goodness or others hardly makes a difference because what you are giving through this blog is the essence of what good you learned from others and how your life is improving everyday noticing those acts of goodness that’s reflecting through good acts done by you. Thanks Rashmi for sharing those good experiences. I am sure people will be inspired more and more to do good deeds.


Few days back while talking to my friend about my blog and articles, she suggested that apart from what I see and read around me, I should also write about some good actions done by me in my life. I kept thinking whether it is a good idea as it might come across to some people as if I am praising myself. But then I thought…. every good act done by me or by anybody else deserves a praise as it is an encouragement to do more good. So I will mention a small incident which happened two-three days back.

My husband booked for me a spa treatment. Initially I wasn’t very happy about it and kept telling him that I didn’t want to go and that he shouldn’t be spending so much money. He got a bit upset and kept telling me that I should give it a try…

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