Red candle

Everyday is a new experience and every experience teaches me something new. Talking about the law of attraction, everyday I learn something new about this powerful law.

Till now I have shared many experiences here and this one is again a really beautiful experience. Two days back I was talking to one of my friends about this law of physics. Looking at the lack of positivity in his life , and financial and other problems, I suggested him to read good books on the subject of positivity like “The Secret” and other good books. Only the knowledge about the law of attraction and gratitude can uplift his and his family members’ life, so I suggested him to see the movie or read the book on the law of attraction. Mean while, I explained him the mechanism of this powerful law of physics. While explaining about the law, I gave two three examples about how we attract things, situations and people in our life through our thoughts and feelings. In those examples, one example was of a gift. I told him that if we think of a gift (intentionally or unintentionally), we give out a frequency of gift and that frequency attracts things existing on that “frequency of gift” ie. a gift. When narrating this example, I was unaware that by speaking about gift, I will be attracting gift to me.

Yesterday, I was out for shopping with one of my female friends. After shopping we stopped by a food court in the mall. While our ordered food was being prepared, we got busy in chatting. Within few minutes she took out a small gift box from her bag and handed over to me saying that she had bought gifts in Diwali festival for few friends and so bought for me as well. But as we could not meet in past many months, she gave me the gift yesterday. When I saw the small gift box, I was pleasantly surprised and the first thought was “Wow, I just spoke about the law of attraction to my friend and gave the example of gift and the Universe sent me the gift, rather I would say I attracted the gift”. More amazing was that, my female friend who gave me the gift too attracted the gift. I gifted her a bracelet which I had bought for her during my Shanghai visit last year but was not able to give as we did not meet in past many months. She was so happy and wore the bracelet right then and there.

I opened the gift in front of her. It was a beautiful decorative candle. Now the beautiful thing here is that “Why I attracted a candle?”.

During Diwali festival this year, one of my acquaintances created some beautiful decorated candles for selling purpose. I saw her creations and they were really beautiful but I did not buy any because I already had more than enough candles and lights at home. But the law of attraction is so amazing, when I saw the images of beautiful decorated candle that she sent me on WhatsApp during Diwali, I was happy to see them and appreciated her work.

Can you believe that Universe got the vibes of joy for candles that I emitted and though I did not buy any of them, it made my this female friend to buy decorative candle for me during Diwali which I was totally unaware. It is correctly said that what you give, you receive. I had given the good feelings for candles and the Universe brought one for me through my friend. Universe brings to you whether positive or negative in most unexpected ways based on your thoughts and feelings. The law of attraction is constantly on work. Needless to say, my friend too attracted gift from me through her thoughts and feelings about a gift. The law works same for every single person on this earth.

The main aim of sharing my experiences with you is only one and that is to make you understand how we create our life experiences through our thoughts and feelings and only we are responsible for our life experiences whether positive or negative. As only we are responsible for our life, only we can transform it towards love and positivity. Everyone deserves the best life and the key to the best life is within you. When you realise that key, you are the master of your thoughts and feelings and so the master creator of your life.

Now just have a look at my gift. Beautiful decorative candle, isn’t it? I am so happy. Thank you so much to my friend and the Universe.




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