An unexpected paper

Day before yesterday I was talking about “Work from home” option with one of my friends. Later I forgot about this conversation but you already know Universe doesn’t forget. What happened the next day was totally unexpected.

The next day ie. Yesterday, I was at an official Convention since morning 9 am till 5:30 pm. While returning home from the convention, one the way at a traffic signal I stopped my vehicle. Meanwhile, two girls on their vehicle came besides me and stopped. They asked me an address of a particular clothes shop. As I began explaining them the address, a young guy came near us with a bunch of small papers. He was distributing the papers to all the people at the signal. He gave me also the paper, but as I was busy explaining the address to those girls I just took the paper and kept it in the bag without reading. I did not even looked at the paper. After reaching home, I took out that paper along with other things from the bag. As I looked at the paper, I was stunned. My first reaction was “What?”. Do you know what the paper was about? See the image below:


3 thoughts on “An unexpected paper

  1. Getting back to this post!
    I tell you what.. there is something special about you. What you think or visualize comes true. Click the “feeling lucky” button when you google next time. 😉


    1. There is nothing like being lucky or special. Understanding the mechanism of this powerful law of attraction will make you master of your thoughts and feelings. And the one who is the master of this thoughts, is the master of his own life.

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