1st Anniversary of “Live your dreams – Create the life you wish”

Today is a big day for me and my readers. Last year on 20th December 2014, an idea was manifested into reality. That idea was to spread joy in this world. I never ever thought that I would be writing blog someday because I did not had any experience of writing and also did not know what is meant by a blog. But everything happened so unexpectedly yet perfectly that it really makes me feel amazing.

On this beautiful day, I wish to express my deepest gratitude to the god and all my readers for making my dream come true. Thank you so much for reading my blog, and appreciating and encouraging my efforts for creating a beautiful world. Today, “Live your dreams – Create the life you wish” has reached across more than 87 countries, crossed over 6100 views and posted more than 185 posts. This is really amazing and I believe it will soon cover whole world.

I hope in this coming year, “Live your dreams – Create the life you wish” will continue helping millions of people across the world to live their life joyfully and manifest all of their dreams because every person on this earth deserve a best life.

Thank you all once again for loving me and this blog with all of your heart.

Keep reading, keep loving.


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