New road, so fast!

Last year, one fine morning on the way to my office, I thought of applying visualization to get the road renovated by local authorities. Actually, a particular patch of road on the way to my office was very bad and it needed an immediate repairing by local authorities. People used to complain a lot about the bad condition of the road and blaming local authorities for not performing their duties properly. Everyday while going to the office and returning home, I started giving thanks to the god for the perfect road though in reality it was not perfect, it seriously needed renovation.

One fine day as I was going from that road, an instant thought came to my mind “how about trying visualization to get the road renovated?”. As I thought about this, I visualised a perfect plain new road and was so happy. After I reached office I totally forgot about the thought and the road. The very next day while returning home from work, on that road I saw the vehicles and the staff of the local authority renovating the road. I was literally stunned. It was so surprising that visualising the renovated road and gratitude actually worked fast. Just imagine if people stop complaining about what they don’t want and start visualizing and giving thanks for what they want, will make life so easy and beautiful.


5 thoughts on “New road, so fast!

  1. Just wonder Gargi, how many time these visualizations may come true??
    1 out of hundreds? Maybe, more.
    I was visualizing a Ice-cream bar from a week, still haven’t got it. I think I need to save money & get one. 😉
    Nice Post tho!


    1. Thanks for your comments Ankit. I just want to know how many times you visualize? Manifestation of your desire is not solely based on visualisation. The important key is to let go off the thought after you visualize. As you said you visualized an ice cream bar for last 1 week n still not got it yet. Since past 1 week if you are continuously visualising but at the same time you are feeling that you haven’t got your ice cream yet, then you are making a mistake. Though you had been visualizing your ice cream bar, you are also giving contrary thoughts and feelings of not having it yet. Your feeling of “not having it” is sending vibes of lack of your desire and that is pushing your ice cream away from you. When you feel “not getting what you want” then the law of attraction will give you more situations that will make you feel more of “not getting your desire”. Just think that you visualized ice cream bar in your hands and saw yourself eating it joyfully. If you feel joyful while visualising this and feel as if you are really eating ice cream then you are giving out correct frequency of already been received ice cream. After this, you have to let go off that thought. Universe will surely manifest your ice cream treat, if you stop feeling the need for ice cream because needing means not having and that will attract more of “need of ice cream” and not “ice cream”. Try to think about this and see if you are making any mistake in applying visualization. The law of attraction is accurate and faithful to every single person on this earth. There is nothing like being lucky. You are as powerful as any other person on this earth. You need to understand, how this powerful law of physics operates.

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      1. Gargi! 😊
        Thank you for writing this much down, that must have took some time. I totally understood this when I read both of your posts. But my itch which I got was, to turn your imagination/visualisation into reality is also another thought process.
        Totally agree with you without any concern.
        Hope I didn’t made you agitated. 😋
        Thanks. 😊


      2. There is no thought process required for transforming visualization into reality. Thought process is creating reality from visualisation. Hope this reply gives you answer, and hope you get your ice cream. Most important thing to remember is whether you believe in this law or not, or whether you think of applying visualization for getting your desires or not, is immaterial because the law is constantly responding to your thoughts whether its intentional thoughts or unintentional.

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