Lost 8 kgs. Wow!!! Very near to my perfect weight

Bingo!!! I have lost 8 kgs. and now very near to my perfect weight. I did not weighed in past many months but I realized that I lost significant weight while doing my workout and whenever I looked in the mirror. Few days back, again I received compliments from my friends who met me after a long time. They were so surprised to see such a reduction in weight. They asked me how much weight I lost and I had no exact answer because I had not weighed for past many months. So today I thought to weigh and stood up on the weighing scale. It showed around 59 kgs. As the scale is not digital but a spring based, we can see approximate weight. It may be few grams less than 59. Few days back I realised this change in size because all my dresses are now loose and I need new clothes. My target weight is around 56 – 57 kgs. I am very near to the target. Wow!!! Feeling amazing.

I am extremely grateful to the god and the knowledge of the law of attraction that really helped me in getting my perfect body. I always visualized myself in my perfect body with my favourite outfits. I believed I would get my perfect weight. Around 6 months back I did not know how and when this will happen but I believed that it will happen. Whenever my faith waivered, even for a second, I would ask the Universe to show me the sign that I would really get my perfect weight. The Universe always showed me the signs. The how(s) and when(s) were not my concern. How I will adjust time for workout from my busy routine?, etc. was my first and most important question but I left that on the Universe and the Universe planned everything perfectly.

As a mid career shift, I took a break from job in mid of May’15 and got busy in my professional education in cyber security. I had my final semester exam in September’15. Now I have passed my exam and got qualified in my cyber security course. Presently I am looking for my dream job and I believe it is on its way. During this mid career break (past 7 months), I did workout and dancercise for almost 1.5 to 2 hours daily with all enthusiasm. I love dance and to incorporate it in the workout makes it healthy as well as enjoyable. I will continue the workout and dancercise after joining my dream job as well.

There is no fixed workouts which I did but I did exercise and dance as would make me feel amazing. But overall if we see, there are some specific workouts which were included in my workout regime. Of course all were done at home, no gym option in my case. I always love to workout at home in front of full length mirror. I would definitely share the specific workouts which I incorporated in weekly routine.

My workouts included:

Squats (1 set of 20 repetitions)

Plank (2 times for few seconds)

Side kick (1 set each of 11 kicks for left & right leg individually)

Head and neck warm up workouts. Move head in all directions slowly.

Stretching exercises for all body parts.

Cycling on my stationery bike for 5 kms ie. Approx 35 mins with speed slow and fast adjusted according to my comfort. (Almost everyday).

Jumps (like we do while skipping). I do not have skipping ropes, so I do jumping. Initially started with 50 continuous jumps. Gradually then increased to 100, then 150, then 300 (150 each in 2 sets). The number of jumps were increased gradually everyday. Today I am in a position to do 1100 jumps (2 sets of 400 jumps and 1 set of 300 jumps). Of course I take rest of few minutes between the sets.

Along with the above workouts, additionally I do dance (Bollywood dance, that’s free style), aim is to enjoy every bit of the moment. Everyone has a different body and different capacities and interests. So do whatever feels good to you and whatever interests you. If you wish you can do workouts other than those mentioned above as per your capacity and interest. Understand what is right for your body and what you enjoy to do.

There were some days where I did not get time for a single workout due to other priorities but I assured to remain joyful and positive all the days. Further, eating food with all your focus on the goodness of food is important. Enjoying the eating process and the taste of the food is important. When we see food positively while eating, it certainly gives us more benefit and on the contrary when we worry about calories etc. while eating, it adversely affects our body. I eat everything but in healthy proportion. I eat chocolates, ice cream, cake, samosa, kachori and all other meals like chapati, rice, vegetables, fruits and dal. However, everything has to be taken in healthy proportion. Needless to say the above desserts and snacks are not taken daily but whenever I have it, its in healthy proportion.

Most important is to feel healthy within and stay joyful always. Unless we feel healthy within, we cannot see it outside. If we feel that we are not perfectly figured, then we are giving out negative vibes out in the Universe and the law of attraction would gives us back the situations which will make us more unhealthy. So visualize yourself in your perfect figure and believe it is true and then see how the Universe does the magic. Time schedules, healthy eating, etc. all will be planned and taken care of by the Universe. It will guide you perfectly. Just put out the intention of your perfect body, be joyful and open your heart and mind for getting Universe’s guidance. Hold its hands and reach your goal. Be grateful, be joyful always and appreciate good things in life every single day.



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