She attracted chasing stray dogs

Day before yesterday, we all family members were chatting and during the conversation my elder sis said that in the early morning dogs chase the vehicles on the road so she wanted to go railway station by auto rickshaw. Of course dad was going to drop her either by auto rickshaw or by our scooter. My sis gave hell lot of negative vibes for dogs chasing the vehicles in the mid night and early morning.

She was here at our place for one day as she had her exam. Today morning she went to her town. Day before yesterday as she spoke about the dogs chasing the vehicles and fear of the situation, I knew that she is welcoming dogs by her thoughts. I did not tell her about the LOA and that her negative thoughts and feelings about the chasing stray dogs would attract the experience because she doesn’t believe in the law of the Universe though she believes in god. Last night before going to bed I prayed to god for her safe commutation from home to railway station with dad, her further safe rail journey to her town and my dad’s safe return commutation from station to home. Today at 4:30 am my dad and sis left for the railway station. My dad dropped her to the station safely and returned home. Her journey was good and everything was fine.

Then we totally forgot about dogs and the whole conversation. Just now, I was talking to my sis about how was the day and all as we regularly chat almost everyday on call.

God made her journey safe but to my no surprise she attracted chasing stray dogs after her scooter in her town today. Yes! The law of attraction obeyed to her negative vibes and gave her the experience which increased her fear and anger for stray dogs. With god’s grace she was saved from dog bites, may be her positive vibes where still strong than her negative vibes or may be her focus was only on dogs chasing rather than biting. Whatever it may be, she was solely responsible for the experience though she put all the blame and anger on the stray dogs. I am really grateful to the god that she was saved from more negative experience.

Had she been totally away from those negative thoughts, she could have avoided this negative experience.

Law of attraction is the most powerful law in this Universe that creates your life. Believe it or not but fact cannot be denied. For those who believe and for those who don’t believe, law works the same.


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