Magical Piano

I had an awesome experience few days back. It was truly magical. I could never ever expect such a beautiful moment in my wildest dreams. I don’t know how it happened. Was it really my powerful thought? I am still surprised.

Few days back while reading the book “E^2” by Ms. Pam Grout, I came across an incident mentioned in the book. It was something about buying a piano and a small girl getting lessons for playing the piano which was bought by her mom. Her mom loved piano. When I read about this incident, I instantly imagined a small girl taking lessons for playing piano. It was an instant thought while reading the book, might be my imagination power is quite fast and strong, thus I instantly saw the moment in my mind. But what happened next was astonishing. I couldn’t believe my ears. Yes!!! You read it right, I said “ears”. As I finished reading the line that mentioned the girl taking piano lessons in the book, the next moment I heard beautiful sound of a piano. I was literally shocked. I stopped reading immediately and just focused on the sound of the piano. After few minutes, I realised that the small girl in our neighbour was playing the small piano because the sound was not like a professional piano player would play but it was a random key pressing on piano that only kid or a novice can do. My lips gave a big smile as I heard the piano’s sound. However, today also I feel how could this happen. I mean, I just read about the small girl playing piano and instantly heard the small girl playing piano at our neighbour’s house. Can our thoughts be so so fast? Truly incredible. Again big thanks to the Universe and hats off to the law of attraction because only the loving Universe can do this magic. Can I call it the magical piano or magical Universe?



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