E^2 experiment 2 (first 24 hours): The Volkswagen Jetta Principle – My results

E^2 experiment 2: “The Volkswagen Jetta Principle” ( “You impact the field and draw from it according to your beliefs and expectations”) – this is the 2nd energy experiment given in the book “E^2” by Ms. Pam Grout (http://pamgrout.com/books-r-me-my-career-as-an-author/e-squared/).

What is it about?

This experiment is based on the fact that whatever you see in reality is what you believe and expect to see. You cannot see anything in your physical reality unless you see it in your mind. Unless you are aware of something and expect to see, you cannot attract it in your physical reality. Everything in this Universe already exists but you will see it only when you expect to see it, meaning when you first see it in your mind.

In this experiment, you have to set a time limit of 24 hours for the Universe (ie. The infinite intelligence and the most powerful energy field) to show you what you expect to see in 24 hours. You have to ask the Universe to show you a particular thing in the time limit of 24 hours. Then be open to see that thing anywhere.

You have to repeat this experiment after the time limit of 24 hours is completed, to again test 2nd time that you really attract stuff in your physical reality by thinking it first in your mind and expecting it to show up in front of you. Second time, you have to expect something else to see. I did the first 24 hours experiment and would like to share the result here.

My experiment details:

Experiment 2 (first 24 hours): “The Volkswagen Jetta Principle” (You impact the energy field and draw in your physical reality according to your beliefs and expectations).

Start date & time: 2nd December 2015 4:35 pm

End date & time: 3rd December 2015 4:35 pm

My expectation: I expected to see a Dell laptop. (in my mind was an image of an open laptop).

My result:

1. I saw a picture of a person working on a laptop, more than 10 times. Some pictures on the internet while browsing web, some in emails of my banks and other promos, FB and some in the newspaper. Needless to say that I did not purposely find the pictures, rather they appeared in front of me when I least expected them while I was busy in my work during the day.

2. Also, I saw picture of a Dell inspiron Laptop 5 times. Today morning I got a notification from one of the online shopping website that I have subscribed. As I opened the link it was the catalogue of laptops from various brands. In that list, I saw 5 Dell laptops (ofcourse they were open laptops as I expected).

I am so happy and grateful to see how Universe everytime proves its power and existence by fulfilling our wishes. One more experience I want to share with you about how I attracted something by just being aware of it.

Last year, one fine morning while talking to one of my close friends, I got to know that he owned a Volkswagen Polo Car that he bought an year and half back. Till that day, I had never heard of Volkswagen Polo and so obviously I never saw the car anywhere. It was totally new information for me. But as I came to know about Volkswagen Polo Car, I intended to see it on road in my city. The next day while going out for some work, I asked the Universe to show me Volkswagen Polo Car on the road. Within few minutes of making this request I was stuck in the traffic. Waiting for the traffic to release, looking around I saw many cars and suddenly a magic happened. I will call it magic because my eyes couldn’t believe on what I saw. It was a silver coloured Volkswagen Polo car right ahead of me in the traffic. I was literally stunned and my mouth was open for few seconds. I did not see that car before I made the request to see it though it was somewhere around me. I saw it only when I made an intention to see it. Isn’t this amazing? I had many such experiences in the past when I was not aware of this quantum physics and the law of attraction but now as I know this Universal law, everything happening in my life and in this world is making sense.

Now I am doing my next 24 hours experiment. I am really excited for tomorrow when I will share my result with you.

Till then keep reading, keep loving.


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