E^2 experiment 1: The Dude Abides Principle – My results

Presently I am reading a book named “E^2 – Nine easy to do energy experiments” by Pam Grout (http://pamgrout.com/books-r-me-my-career-as-an-author/e-squared/). So far, I have read few books on the law of attraction and the quantum mechanics but this book is really easy to understand with practical examples and text explaining the concepts perfectly. Also, all the experiments are really easy to do and very interesting.

Sharing here the result of the 1st experiment I did the day before yesterday, given in this book. This is really amazing.

Experiment name: The Dude Abides Principle (There is an invisible and the most powerful energy force in the Universe with infinite possibilities).

What is this about?
In this experiment we have to ask the infinite intelligence (ie. GOD/UNIVERSE) to prove its existence to us in 48 hours. We have to state the time limit, ask the Universe to send us an unexpected blessing in any form that cannot be a coincidence. In fact nothing is coincidence in this world but for non believers or skeptic people, this is one of the best experiment to know the Universe’s power and test the infinite possibilities existing in the most powerful energy field. After requesting the Universe and giving it ultimatum of 48 hours, we have to keep our mind and heart open to receive any kind of unexpected blessing.

My experiment details:

Date: 1st December 2015
Time when I put out the intention: 11:30 pm.
Deadline for the Universe to prove its existence: 11:30 pm on 3rd December 2015 ie. 48 hours

My intention: To receive an unexpected blessing in any form, which I could not imagine in my wildest dream.

My experiment’s amazing results:

1. The same night ie. The day before yesterday, few minutes after sending out my intention to receive unexpected blessing, I received an unexpected great news from one of my friends regarding his new job. This news was highly unexpected and made me so very happy. I was feeling amazing because it was his desired job and to know that someone’s wish is fulfilled is one of the best blessing.

2. Yesterday ie. 2nd december 2015, in the evening, I got a message from one of my old colleagues on FB. We talked for few minutes about how life is going. Again, receiving a message from this colleague after so many months was highly unexpected. I was really happy to talk to my old colleague.

3. On 2nd December 2015, at night I had a chat with my cousin sister. We both were so happy to talk to each other after about 3 months. This was again very highly unexpected. I never thought of talking to her but Universe gave us a blessing in the form warm chat.

I feel grateful from bottom of my heart to the Universe who gave me, not one but three highly unexpected blessings within 48 hours. Also, I am very much grateful to Ms. Pam Grout for writing this book beautifully and explaining us the law of Universe and the energy concepts in an easy way.

I am very happy for this beautiful life and the unconditional love that the Universe is giving me every moment.

I would suggest you to read this book and also try the experiments and see how your life changes better and better every single day because the way you see life will change after reading this book and once you change in mind, your physical reality automatically changes, that’s how life works.



2 thoughts on “E^2 experiment 1: The Dude Abides Principle – My results

  1. Read ur blog regarding 1st experiment from that book…and it was amazing

    Here is my experiment result:
    In October we lost $2700 in one fraud related to air ticket. We got back $2700 back on the second day of experiment…
    I m so grateful to GOD
    Thank you very much for sharing this book with me
    I m really very happy…:-)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s great news. I am really happy to know about your result. Thank you so much for encouraging my efforts by sharing your experience here and inspiring millions of people across the globe. I am sure, such experiences would increase people’s faith in the god and the law of attraction.


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