LOA is crazy…..seriously.

The law of attraction (LOA) is working all the time. This fantastic law which governs human life seems crazy sometimes. I firmly believe in the law of attraction.

Last night the law of attraction woke me up at 1:30 am to show me Joker, Rainbow, Giraffe, Lion, Santa clause and a bat. Can you believe this?…oh god! sounds crazy, isn’t it? But this is true.

Now let me tell you what happened exactly. For the past 15 days my nephew (my elder sister’s son) who is three years old is with us at our place. He had minor operation of hydrocil (15 days back) and due to his Diwali festive vacation in the school, he is at our place. Now he is good in health and busy playing and running around. He really enjoys living here. As my nephew is now healthy, my sister and her husband return to their city to resume job after Diwali holidays and leave of 1 week.

All day, I, my mom and my dad are mostly busy taking care of my nephew and playing with him. We really enjoy spending time with him. Everyday, either I or my mom make him practice alphabets writing, number writing, and drawing and colour activities. He loves studying and drawing.

Now crazy part comes here. Yesterday, my nephew woke me up at 1:30 am and told me that he is feeling hungry. It was quite strange because he had his dinner perfectly and stomach was full. He hardly asks for food in the mid night. So I asked him twice, whether he is really hungry or doing mischief purposely as he was not feeling sleepy. He said that he is really hungry. I was tired and sleepy after all day handling him, so was quite annoyed when he woke me up in mid night. He asked me to prepare ginger tea because he loves it and its winter presently in our country so ginger tea is everyone’s favourite. Also because he has some cough and cold, we usually avoid giving milk in this situation. So finally I woke up to prepare tea for my little nephew. I was trying to keep patience while preparing tea because I got irritated. While I was preparing tea, he started playing in the living room. When the tea was prepared, I pour it into the small cup and took it to the living room. What I saw there, was my nephew flipping pages of his new practice book for alphabets with pictures on each page. Though I am always loving and polite with my nephew, sometimes it becomes difficult to control the temper when I am tired all day. I sat with him and began giving him sip by sip tea while he was flipping the pages of the book sitting besides me. He was flipping the pages randomly. I was just looking at the pages while giving him tea.

Suddenly, I was stunned when he opened a page randomly and it was alphabet ‘J’ with a picture of Joker ie. J for Joker. As I saw the picture of Joker, I remembered that, the same night while having dinner, I was talking to my nephew. As he was playing with blocks with pictures of alphabets on it, he took a block with ‘J’ on it. He has not yet been taught alphabets beyond ‘G’ in his school, so he did not know ‘J’ and asked me what is this? I told him that it is called ‘J’ and then I said “J for Joker”. He asked “What is ‘Joker’?, so I explained that the one who makes us laugh is called joker. We both laughed talking about joker and playing blocks while giving him dinner. When I realized that we discussed about joker and the law of attraction brought this image of joker before us, I could not stop laughing. Ofcourse I laughed silently and did not let my nephew know that otherwise he would have started laughing playing with me at 01:30 am. I some how controlled and with strict voice asked him not to do mischief and finish the tea early. In my mind, I said “Universe, you are crazy, you woke me up in the midnight to show me joker in this book?…oh god!

Later, as my nephew continued flipping pages, alphabets and pictures of Rainbow, Giraffe, Camel, Bat, Lion and Santa Clause appeared and I couldn’t stop expressing my utter surprise for the crazy act of the law of attraction because that same day, I had taught my newphew to draw a rainbow with seven colours, that same day I had taught recognizing numbers by drawing bats, that same night we played with Lion and Camel in his toys, that same night we talked about giraffe. While playing with blocks, my nephew said that he has grown up now and has become tall which usually kids say as they love to be called that they are grown up. So I told him that he is tall now. The moment I said that, with his sweet voice he said ” I am tall like zebra na?” and I smiled and said “not zebra, you are tall like giraffe?” and he started laughing. I never thought, Universe would show me giraffe in the midnight. When I saw Santa Clause in his book, I remembered about our day before yesterday’s conversation about christmas and the santa clause. I had told my nephew that santa clause will bring a gift for him on the Christmas and so whatever you want, you tell santa clause in advance. It was really innocent conversation.

I couldn’t believe, the law of attraction woke me up through my nephew and showed me all these beautiful pictures as copy of my thoughts about those things in our playful conversations. I was really surprised and was thinking about how crazy LOA is, for about 15 minutes after I and my nephew went back to bed. I said “Universe, are you crazy? Ok..I thought and spoke of those things but was it really needed to show me these right now in the midnight? Can’t you wait till morning? I was so tired and sleepy and you woke me up….you are crazy, seriously” and I began to giggle. Obviously I can’t laugh out loud at 2 pm though I was desparate to do that. And I think my nephew too attracted these pictures at the same time because he too spoke about all these stuff while playing. Though, kids are much affected by the thoughts of people surrounding them but words spoken by kids too are powerful to attract an experience.

As I am writing about this experience, I am still thinking “How crazy is this loa?”. Now I am laughing out loud.


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