The Universe shouts to guide you, if you ignore its signs.

There are no coincidences in life. Whatever happens, happens for a reason. Every experience in life comes because we attract them by our thoughts and feelings. If we become conscious about the things happening around us, we get to know how the loving Universe is guiding us for our bright future.

Initially, Universe gives you small hints and signs with the help of images, written words, verbal conversations, etc. about your life issues and your dreams. If we ignore small signs from the Universe, intentionally or unintentionally, the Universe starts repeatedly showing you the small signs and if you ignore them also, it will start shouting by giving signs in huge images and letters that hammers you.

You would be thinking I am talking about signs, so what kind of signs the Universe gives. I will explain you about this with my own life examples.

For the past two years, due to busy schedule at work and other routine stuff in life, my physical activity and workouts were reduced and that resulted in weight gain. I got some what worried. I knew I have to do something about it and so I started simple workouts but it did not much worked out because at the back of my mind was a worry about weight gain and while doing the workouts my thoughts were that I have to do workout to reduce weight. So negative feelings were preventing me to achieve my perfect weight. Also, whenever I used to forget about my target weight, I used to see words in huge letters on advertisement hoardings and at other places “Lose Weight”. The Universe was shouting and reminding me to start working out for my perfect weight because I have always appreciated myself in my perfect and it was my heartfelt wish which the Universe was conspired to fulfill. But, somewhat I was not able to believe I would get my perfect weight soon, so I asked the Universe to show me the word “Perfect” anywhere as a sign that I will achieve my perfect weight soon. For three days, I did not see the sign anywhere though I tried to find everywhere. So I let it go and knew that I will see the sign soon. After three days of my request to show the sign, I was out for some work in the market. As I was looking at the shops passing by, I saw a shop with the name “Perfect” in big letters. I was literally stunned because I had totally forgot about my request and the moment I forgot, I saw the sign. I was so happy and gave heartfelt thanks to the Universe for giving me the sign and the perfect weight. Thereafter I started visualizing myself every single day in my perfect weight and see myself wearing my old dress with shortest size which I used to wear when I was perfectly figured. This visualization was so strong that the feelings of joy was real. I began to give gratitude for my perfect weight everyday as if already received and enjoy doing routine stuff. I did not know how and when I would get my perfect weight but I was sure that the Universe will fulfill my wish.

Around 6 months back, due to some reason, I had to unexpectedly leave my job, also I was planning for mid career shift, so I was happy to take a break from work for sometime, however I continued to look for my dream job and pursue professional course in cyber security. During this break, I started utilizing 1.5 to 2 hours everyday pre-lunch for workout and dancercise (dance + exercise). As I love to dance, it was an enjoyable experience to spend this free time for workout and dancercise. Along with this physical activity, I continued to enjoy other routine life stuff. I stayed joyful almost all the time. After around 1 week, I realised my weight has started reducing fast. I did not weighed but I could see in mirror the changes. This encouraged me to continue this routine till I get my perfect weight. After around a month I started receiving compliments from my family and friends for weight reduction. I was so happy, I continued my workout routine and today after six months, I am pleased to say that now I wear the old shortest size dress perfectly. Till now I have not stood on weighing scale but I know I am very much near to my perfect weight. I love to workout and I am really grateful the way god planned everything for me. My friends were very much surprised to see me slim as earlier. Everyone asked me what’s the reason for drastic reduction in weight, I said workout. I did not tell them about my visualization and the law of attraction that helped me to achieve my perfect weight along with workout because right now some of my friends do not believe in the law of Universe. All are so happy and I am on high frequency of joy. This was one example of how the Universe guides us to achieve our dreams.

Another example is, few days back I was feeling low and was desperate to feel good and asked the Universe to make feel amazing. That day I was going to my sister’s place, on the way I saw a huge advertisement hoarding with the words “Choose Excitement”, it instantly clicked me that I have to choose excitement every single day about what good things I have and about all my dreams as if they have already manifested. Like this experience, one more instance was there where I saw words “Feel Josh” on an advertisement hoardings in huge letters that gave me a positive sign to feel excitement for my life (“Josh” means excitement and enthusiasm in Hindi language).

Also, when you are near to your dreams’ manifestation, you get to see stuff related to your dreams repeatedly every single day everywhere. Like, if your dream wedding is near, you would see stuffs related to weddings everywhere you go. You would see happy couples around you in reality or in images, etc. Suppose, if its dream job then you would hear and see the stuff related to your dream job everyday. Those are the signs that the Universe gives you and makes you realise that it loves you and that your dreams are soon going to be manifested. These small and big signs are so awesome in getting our joyful frequency intact every single day. And you would see how beautifully your dreams are manifested at perfect time per divine plan.

Universe communicates perfectly and to understand the Universe, we should live in the present with deep faith and love for god.

There are many such experiences I have seen till now where the Universe has given perfect clear signs to achieve my dreams. The Universe is having supreme power and infinite intelligence to guide each and every person on this earth perfectly. We need to live every moment in life joyfully to understand the Universe’s guidance and make dreams come true.

If you have any such experiences and if you wish to share with people, do mention it in the comments section below. It would be great to hear about amazing moments from you.

Love you all.



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