Superb!!! E^2 in my palms

I am so happy to share this amazing experience with you all.  Last month while browsing online for an interesting book to read, I came across a book named “E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality” by Pam Grout. 


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When I saw the title of this book and the cover page, it really amazed me.  Instantly, it made me curious to see what all scientific experiments the book has mentioned to prove “our thoughts create our reality”.  I thought how wonderful it would be to read this book and get some new knowledge.  As I believe in the law of attraction, I felt an interest in reading this book.  But some how that day I did not buy this book online.  However, something naughty I thought to do.  I gave a try to deliberately use the visualization technique to receive this book in an unexpected way and that too free of cost.  Though I was ready to pay for the book but still thought of trying this.

So I just closed the internet browser and sat for few seconds with closed eyes, visualizing this book in my hands and felt amazing.  I was so happy and excited when I imagined myself holding this book in my hands.  I told Universe, that how amazing it would be if I receive this book free of cost and in an unexpected way.  The hows and whens are the concern of the Universe right?  So why to worry, just give out the frequency of already received the book, simple.  I did this and let the thought go.  Later on I just forgot about it totally.

Just now I was busy in my work and suddenly a message popped up on my whatsapp.  It was from one of my close friends.  She informed me that she had mailed me a copy of free e-book about some scientific proofs about the law of attraction.  I remembered that I had seen her email in the morning about some publication but did not visit the link enclosed in the email.  When she messaged me that it is about some e-book, I immediately went to the email and clicked on the link she sent me in the morning.  As I clicked the link, the cover page of the book appeared on the screen and it was:


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I was literally stunned for a moment.  I gazed to this cover page for about half a second and just one word came from my mouth “Wow!!!”.    I had totally forgot about this book and the visualization I did last month.  Truly speaking, I had totally forgotten but Universe and the law of attraction never forgets what you asked for.  Universe always responds to our thoughts and feelings.  I had given out the frequency of already received the book through visualization and gratitude, and the law of attraction must bring the book to me the way I wished for [ie. free of cost] and that too in totally unexpected way [from an unexpected friend and in the form of an e-book].  In my wildest dream I couldn’t imagine my friend to give me this book.  This is a real magic.  Awesome!!!

I am so excited to read this book from today onwards.  I firmly believe in “Thoughts become things” but I am excited about this book because I love to learn new things always, not only in this topic but any topic of my interest like my dream career cyber security and my other hobbies.

Thank You Universe for manifesting my wish in this beautiful and unexpected way.  I am very happy, E^2 is in my palms… Wow!!!

Soon I will be sharing my other beautiful manifestations with you all.  Stay tuned.  Till then, see you take care.


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