Everyone deserves beautiful hair. Do you want beautiful hair?


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Do you complain or discuss about your hair’s problems to your family and friends?  Do you feel bad about your hair?  Are you unhappy or dissatisfied with the quality or style or anything about your hair?  If “Yes”, then this is the post for you and if “No” then also this post will surely benefit you.  This post is not only for girls but for guys as well.

Everyday I come across many instances where I see people especially girls either complaining or discussing about their hair problems with family and friends.  In my family and friends circle as well I get to see many people expressing their dissatisfaction about their hair.

Women usually go for hair treatment or hair cut and many times artificial straightening or perming their hair either to look good or to cover up the defects they feel their hair have. Being a girl, I know how much important hair are for girls.  Now a days even guys have began to be conscious about their hair and looks.

Our thoughts and feelings directly affect our health, it includes our hair as well.  Our hair are no exception to this fact.  Every single day, how you feel about your hair is making your hair that way.  I mean to say, if you are feeling bad or dissatisfied about your hair then you are making the condition of your hair worse.  If you are feeling amazing about your hair then you are making it more beautiful.  This is so simple.  Appreciation attracts appreciation and vice versa.

Now you must be thinking that how one can feel amazing about his or her hair if actually it is not so.  Here it needs to be understood that the present situation of your hair is the result of your earlier negative thoughts and feelings about your hair.  Suppose you have beautiful hair right now, but gradually day by day if you forget being grateful towards your beautiful hair and other good things in your life then it starts affecting your health including your hair.

For example, your friend discusses about bad condition of her hair and you empathize with her.  When you also start giving attention to such negativity, your negative thoughts & feelings will attract those bad conditions for your hair as well.  Let me take an example, suppose you have beautiful hair and you are very happy about it.  One fine day, your friend complains about her hair and tells you how bad her hair has become, weak and rough, etc., and blames various situations for that like pollution, color, etc.  You listened to her and you also joined the discussion by giving your thoughts and feelings for this negativity.  By doing this, you are attracting that bad condition for your hair as well because you are giving out negative vibes and the law of attraction is bound to give you back your negative vibes in future.

Another example, you have beautiful hair but you have a problem of hair loss or grey hair.  You started worrying about your this hair problem day by day, whenever you see hair fall or grey hair.  Also, when you see any girl with beautiful hair, you tend to become upset thinking about your hair issues.  Now, these bad feelings about your hair will increase your hair problems and more and more your hair condition will deteriorate because the bad feelings you are giving out will attract more and more situations to feel bad about your hair.

The reason for your hair problems are your very negative thoughts and feelings about your hair.  Even if you blame pollution or any other thing, the fact cannot be changed.  The more you become ungrateful and start complaining or discussing about bad condition of hair with others, the more you will attract situations which will make your hair more bad and gradually worse.  You may think of taking help of doctors or beauticians to overcome this problem but it will not be helpful because those treatments are not curing the root cause of your hair problems.  They will treat only the symptoms but not the root cause.  Unless you treat the root cause, you cannot overcome your hair problems permanently.  The root cause is your negative thoughts and feelings about your hair.   I have seen many girls who have done artificial perming or straightening to make their bad hair look good but that has worsen the condition of their hair rather than making them beautiful.

If you want to make your hair beautiful permanently, I would suggest the  following:

  1. Start loving your hair NOW on, no matter how bad they seem to you right now.
  2. Began appreciating your hair right NOW.  The more you feel good and the more you appreciate your hair, the more goodness you will attract to your hair because the law of attraction is responding to your thoughts and feelings constantly.
  3. Stop discussing or complaining about the bad condition of your hair to anyone, not even yourself.
  4. Stop joining the discussions about the problems of hair.  If you are in a situation that you cannot avoid being a part of discussion, then try to avoid giving any bad feelings about those problems and try to convert negative discussion into positive.
  5. Focus on what you want.  This means, focus and give all your energy to what you want rather than what you do not want.  To focus on what you want, it is good to take help of visualization.  Visualize yourself with beautiful hair the way you want.  Imagine and see yourself in your mind with beautiful, strong, healthy, voluminous and silky hair.  If you wish to have straight hair or curly hair or any type of hair, visualize yourself with that as already received and feel amazing as if you have already received the beautiful hair.  By doing this you are giving out the frequency and vibrations of having already received beautiful hair and by the law of attraction you will attract it to you.
  6. Every single day give lots of love to your hair no matter what the condition.  Appreciate your hair every day.  Be happy with your hair every single day.  When you comb your hair, feel amazingly happy and appreciate the hair, give immense love and then see how it miraculously improves and you get your beauty back.
  7. Prevent yourself from artificial stuff like color or artificial straightening or perming etc.  Using unnatural things means that you disapprove the natural blessings.  God has created us beautiful but as we grow up, our negative thoughts and feelings affects our health, our body [including hair].  The more you go for unnatural things, the more you get feelings of dissatisfaction about your natural beauty and by the law of attraction you attract more and more bad conditions to your hair because in reality you do not love the way your hair are.  First, love the hair you have naturally and then ask the Universe to give you the hair you want by doing creative visualization and gratitude.
  8. Whenever you see girls with beautiful hair around you or in TV, etc. appreciate their beautiful hair because as you appreciate them, you attract that beauty to you.  Criticising other’s hair or feeling jealous of other’s beautiful hair will attract back negativity to you.  So genuinely feel amazing and appreciate beautiful hair wherever you get an opportunity.
  9. Be grateful to all the good things in your life every single day.  Focus on what good you have in life NOW.  Count your blessings every single day and keep your frequency high.  Be joyful.  Do what makes you happy, invest your valuable time and energy in the stuff which makes you joyful.

For past few years, I have experienced the power of appreciation, gratitude and creative visualization on making my hair more beautiful.  In early childhood I had extreme curly hair.  As I did my schooling and then college, my hair slowly started growing straight but not the way that they can be kept open and falling smoothly on my back.  At that time of course I was unaware about the power of thoughts and the law of attraction.  But when I got this valuable knowledge, I started applying all my positivity for making my life and others’ life beautiful and this includes my hair.  If I speak of my hair right now, they are really beautiful and healthy.  They are straight and slight wavy in some part, the way I want.  I really love my hair and I feel really grateful to the Universe for making my hair so beautiful than earlier.

I want all the people to have such beautiful hair because everyone deserves to be beautiful.  God created us beautiful, he gave us the hair and all body parts that makes us look beautiful but we tend to become ungrateful and a complain machine as we grow up.  This increases the problems rather than eliminating them completely.  Even if we have beautiful hair and amazing health right now, we should continue to be grateful every single day for our amazing health, beautiful hair and all the blessings in our life.

Universe has created everyone on this earth beautifully.  It is our responsibility to preserve the beauty with beautiful thoughts and feelings for ourselves as well as others and each of the responsibility should be fulfilled with LOVE.  Only LOVE has the power to conquer the world.  Only LOVE attracts LOVE.  Other than LOVE, nothing can attract LOVE.  So give LOVE to every single thing, situation and person in your life and see the magic it does for you and others.  LOVE is miraculous, believe me.



2 thoughts on “Everyone deserves beautiful hair. Do you want beautiful hair?

  1. Hey Hie ..i really love this article of urs n want to bring it to practise.. I have genuine issues following gratitude etc.. In case u can help me with that..


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