Glowing skin – Is it the magic of positive feelings?

Its true that our thoughts and feelings directly affect our health and that includes our skin.

Since I have been practicing gratitude and feeling grateful and happy in life, I have seen magical glow in my skin. It is true that I have been blessed with a really amazing delicate skin naturally but I have seen a really beautiful glow in my face and overall personality from the time I started being joyful in life. Being positive almost all the time has done this magic and I must say this is possible when we love ourself as much as we love others. Love for every bit of ourself is the key to give and receive love in this world because we cannot give what we don’t have and we cannot receive unless we give.

I realised the glow in my skin when people began appreciating it. I knew about this changes happening for past many months but I did not speak to anyone about this, also as I am very near to receive my perfect weight, which again is another magic of the law of attraction and creative visualizations that motivates me to be in the positive state of mind almost all the time and do proper workouts, the skin is getting perfect blood circulation and positive emotions & love from the Universe.

It really feels beautiful when you get what you really deserve. God created me beautiful through my mom-dad and it is my responsibility to preserve myself as a god gift with all love and care.

On my birthday in August this year, I completed 33 years and on that same day I got an amazing complement from a friend who saw my photograph. He asked my age as that day was my birthday. I asked him to guess, and the age he guessed was 26 or 27. I laughed out loud but was amazingly happy to know that I looked around 6 years younger than my actual age. I did not tell him my actual age, it is still suspense. Yes! I am getting older gracefully, and definitely I never hesitate to tell my age to anyone. Ofcourse, 33 is not much but 26 is very much good…yes it feels good to receive such an amazing complement. Again this was not enough for god to praise me, last month ie. October, I received a compliment from my another friend who very well know my age, that I look about 23 or 24 years old…wow!!! 10 years younger. Now you must be thinking that friends might admire to make me feel good but thats not the case with my friends because they are really straight forward people and will never exaggerate things and never praise to merely make me feel good. So I really trust and value their opinion. Also many other friends and relatives have appreciated the magical glow in my skin and overall looks.

The aim of sharing this wonderful experience with you is to tell you that how strong effect our thoughts and feelings have on our health and overall well being. Positive thoughts makes us glow and the lack of positive thoughts does just the opposite. So if your skin is not the way you want then be aware that somewhere your thoughts and feelings are filled with lack of positivity. Change your thoughts and see the magic. Be always joyful because you deserve it. Universe loves you and so help Universe to love you more and more each day, with joyful thoughts and emotions.





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