Tips for “Visualization”

Earlier I had explained about the importance of visualization in manifestating our desires. Visualization is the most powerful technique to reach where we wish to go from where we are, meaning to achieve our dreams. Everyone of us is being gifted with the power of imagination/visualization but very few people realize it and use it intentionally or unintentionally for manifesting their dreams into reality. Many people do not use visualization much even if they know its power for living their dreams. The reason is they do not know how to visualize. So I felt to share some inputs of “how to visualize your dreams” in this blog post.

I am practicing visualization in my day to day life for past 3 years and now I feel extremely easy and comfortable to visualize anything I desire. In past three years I have learned many different techniques to comfortably visualize my goals, some on my own and some from other knowledge sources. Also I have seen powerful effects of visualizations in manifesting our desires, however small or big desire it may be. Visualization is powerful because when you correctly visualize, you tune into the frequency of “your desire already with you” and so you open all the ways for the Universe to bring your desires to you in the physical world through the law of attraction which is responding to our thoughts and feelings 24×7.

So lets see some important points on “how to visualize”.

1. Imagine yourself with your desire, as a movie and not as an image:

When you are relaxed and you close your eyes to visualize your dreams, see yourself with your dream as a movie, means suppose you are doing visualization for your dream job and you know the company where you want to work, then see yourself already working in that company, see yourself jumping with joy and telling family and friends that you have got your dream job. When you clearly see yourself jumping with joy and enjoying working in your dream company then you will feel it real.

Say, you love someone and you strongly feel that he/she is the one for you then you can visualize yourself with him/her living your dream life. If you feel that he/she is made for you but you want a surety before you go for visualization, ask the Universe for a sign that that person is your perfect life partner. The Universe is so loving, it will guide you correctly and give you ample signs to move forward towards you dream marriage. If your heart is sure about your dream guy/girl then your visualization will surely get you and your would be life partner together at perfect time. Another example is buying your dream home or recovery from ill health or getting your desired body. In your visualization, see and feel the ultimate outcome, ie. See yourself already living in your dream home with your family, feel it as if you are actually living in your dream house, see yourself enjoying the joyful time with family in you dream home. See yourself doing work in your dream home, going from one room to another, opening fridge and getting water, watching TV, etc, see everything in detail and feel the joy the way you would feel when you actually live in your dream home. In case you wish to help yourself or someone else to recover from illness, imagine yourself or that person in good health and doing everyday work as a healthy person. Feel the joy of being healthy. If you wish to get your perfect weight and body, see yourself in you perfect weight, see yourself in your favourite clothes which you would wear after you get your desired body. When you visualise, you cannot differentiate your visualization and reality because it will be feeling of reality. Feelings is the key here. When you see and feel the joy of receiving your dream in your visualization, you have correctly tuned into the frequency of “your desire as already received” and that attracts your desires to you at perfect time in the most perfect way. Visualizations can do miracles in any area of life, may it be job, marriage, business, studies, health recovery, money, etc.

2. How to visualize your desire when you are not totally clear about your desire:

If you do not know your dream company or your dream life partner or dream home but you have certain requirements about your desires then you can take help of images about your desires like images of the office you would like to work, images of happily married couples if you are looking for your dream marriage, images of homes like your desires, images of places you would wish to go vacation, images of people with perfect body the way you want, etc. You can get the printouts of those images and put them on prominent places where you would see them daily and feel the excitement and joy of receiving them.

3. Written words are powerful:

You can also use the tool of writing your dreams. On a paper or your diary or journal or your Mobile or laptop or anything you feel comfortable with, write down what you desire in detail. If its a dream guy/girl, write down the qualities you wish to have in them. If it is a dream job then write down your requirements like how the company should be, how much should be the package, the details about job profile, work environment, colleagues, etc. If you are looking for your dream home then write down what you want in your dream home, what should be the location, the price, etc. You can go in utmost details about any of your dreams because for our loving Universe everything is possible. Our job is to specify the Universe what we desire and have unwavering faith and belief that the Universe will fulfill our desire in the best possible way and at the perfect time.

It would be good if we do not specify the Universe about the time limit when our desire should be fulfilled and how it should be fulfilled because only Universe knows perfectly when its correct time for us to receive our desires. And also because if we do not receive our desires within the time limits we have decided, then we tend to doubt the Universe and lose confidence about the manifestations and get frustrated. So leave the “How’s and When’s” on the loving Universe.

4. Do not visualize all the time thinking that your wish will be fulfilled only if you visualize:

Many times people make mistakes in visualizations. Suppose looking at the circumstances around you, you feel that you are not getting your desired manifestations, then you may make mistake visualizing your desires thinking that it is not manifesting and it will manifest only if you visualize it all the time. If visualization happens automatically or you do it deliberately everyday and you feel amazing then its awesome but once you are done with intentional visualization and then everyday you do it again and again thinking that you will not get what you want if you do not visualize, then here you are making a mistake because you are thinking that nothing is happening and so I have to visualize all the time then you are making the law of attraction to respond to your negative thoughts and thus pushing away your desires from you. Visualization can be done for a minute or few seconds or more, its upto you but important is your feelings. The feelings of joy and excitement of already living your dreams should be so strong as if it is real. Feelings create vibrations that make your dreams a reality.

I have experienced that many times feelings while visualizing myself with my desires are so profound that I literally cry with joy and only one word comes out from my heart ie. THANK YOU for the loving Universe who always fulfill our wishes.

It is also important to keep yourself joyful almost all the time by feeling good about your present life and the goodness you see in all areas of your life NOW. Be happy and grateful for what you have now, appreciate good things you have in your life every single day. Live in the moment. This will help the Universe to manifest your desires fast because when you are happy, you don’t feel the need of your desires and this means you have already received them and this attracts your desires fast, and mostly when you least expect it.

I hope the above tips will be of help to you for visualizing your dreams and making them come true. You might feel that visualization etc. is lot of work but trust me once you are comfortable with it, it becomes a second nature to you and you can do it any where and at any time.

Live a joyful life, live your dreams because you deserve it.



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