Visualising your vision makes it faster

Having vision for your dream or goal is normal for anyone. But can you see your dream or goal with utmost clarity? Is your vision about what you want, crystal clear in your mind? Do you feel incredible excitement and joy when you think of your goal being fulfilled? Do tears burst out of your eyes when you see your dream being fulfilled, in your mind when you set a vision?

If answers to all the questions above is “yes” then you are on the right path and setting the law of attraction into motion for manifesting your dream into reality.

Only having a vision for your dream is not enough. You need to give all your focus and energy into your visions and that is done by visualising “yourself living the life after dream is being fulfilled” NOW. This means imagine yourself having already received your wish or dream or goal, whatever you call it. Visualization can be done for a minute or for more time, but important is how you feel when you visualize. When you visualize your dream with utmost clarity and in detail (not as an image but as a movie, means you should visualize moving life like real life), you set all the supreme forces of the Universe to work for manifesting your dream into reality. Because when you imagine yourself already received your wish and you feel the same excitement and joy NOW that you will experience when you actually receive your wish, then you are giving out the correct frequency of “received your dream” and the Universe must give it to you. When you visualize your wish already received and you feel joy then no one can stop your dream to come true except you if you doubt on Universe’s ability to fulfill your wish. After giving strong positive vibrations about your wish through visualizations and feelings of excitement, if you later on start doubting the Universe thinking whether your wish will be fulfilled then you are coming into the way of your dreams, mean it. Universe is perfect, it doesn’t require follow-ups regarding the manifestations of your wishes.

When things don’t workout in the time limit which our mind sets, then we start doubting the Universe and think negative. Negative thoughts of doubt and disappointment lets the law of attraction work on your negative thoughts, so more and more delay occurs in manifestations. You must have experienced that small and not so important wishes materialize early, sometimes instantly whereas big dreams takes lot of time, sometimes few months or years. The reason for this is when we think of small wishes, we forget it in our everyday life and the moment we forget it, we stop giving any thought on it. This means we are not giving any contrary thought regarding our small wishes because they are no so important, that’s why we forget them. When we stop giving further thoughts on small wishes, we attract them faster into this physical world. This is not the case with big and important dreams. Regarding big dreams, even though we visualize them and give correct frequency, we don’t forget them and continue to think about them almost everyday because they mean to us so much. Big dreams are like life to us, so its not possible to totally forget them. But what happens is we are so much inclined and attached to big wishes that we constantly look for its manifestations. If we see that manifestations are not happening in the time limit which our mind thinks, then we get upset and start thinking negative and then the law of attraction starts responding to our negative thoughts and manifestations delay. If on daily basis we are joyful and grateful about our dreams and every other thing in life then its good but if we are not joyful then we must make active efforts to eliminate negative thoughts by focusing on joyful things. No matter what the outer circumstances may seem, just believe in your dreams. Also, its not important to visualize or think about your big dreams all the time. Enjoy every single moment of your life and be grateful for all you have NOW in your life. Don’t worry or get bothered about the manifestations of your dreams, have utter faith in the Universe’s plan. Let the Universe work in its own way.

Your biggest dream is a kind of a tiny dot to the Universe. Yes!!! A tiny dot. Universe is supreme power and can do anything. Nothing is impossible for Universe, believe me. I have one recent manifestation which happened as I had visualized. I will surely share that manifestation in a separate blog post soon. Right now I can only say that what did not happen in last 40 years, happened within just two months with the help of intentional visualization and gratitude. There were apprehensions in my mind whether my visualization will manifest into reality because it was regarding some other person and not me. As I knew that one cannot manifest anything in other person’s life against his or her free will, I had doubts whether my visualization will manifest. So I just prayed the Universe after visualization that “my visualization is for utmost good for that person and his family so if you think it proper then please manifest it”. I then left everything on the Universe and later on totally forgot about this wish. After two months it materialized and believe me, that person and his family is extremely happy with the manifestation. Of course they don’t know about my visualizations for them but yes it means a lot to me to see them happy.

So friends, just believe and have unwavering faith in the Universe, your dreams will surely materialise but you have to feel happy NOW in your mind and heart and then see it in reality.

People believe when they see, but you should do it reverse now. Believe in the unseen first then see it in reality.

Dreams are given to you for a reason. Universe gave you dreams because only you can live them and thereby give love to this world. No other person but you, can live your dreams.



6 thoughts on “Visualising your vision makes it faster

  1. Such an awesome post…I’m just thinking this is something I really wants to hear… I wanted to start my own business so bad and as soon as I thought I was getting there I get a set back…but I’ll never give on my goals and desires. Thank you 👉 for sharing


    1. Thank you for your encouraging words. I am happy that you got an amazing boost in your positive energy for pursuing your goals. I am sure you will achieve your dream of starting your own business. Just believe in yourself and the Universe. You will surely reach your goal. Visualize yourself already received your goal. ie. see yourself as already doing your own business, feel enthusiasm and amazing NOW as if you have started business and then see how Universe send positive people and circumstances that will take you to your dream business. Wish you all the best.


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