Got a cue, its really amazing!!!

Few months back I had expressed a desire to the Universe to go for bungy jumping in future at sometime.  I did not know how and when I will go and where I will do bunjy jumping as there are various places in the world where bunjy jumping is organized.  I googled images of bunjy jumping and was so happy and excited to see people experiencing the thrill and joy.  I expressed my wish to the Universe for going to bunjy jumping with my soulmate sometime in future.  Along with the joy of experiencing this thrill, one reason to go for bunjy jumping is to overcome the fear of height.

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Later on I totally forgot about this wish and got busy in life.  But Universe did not forget my wish.

Day before yesterday I and my parents visited one of our family friend on eve of her birthday, while casually speaking with her and her sister, I asked aunt [she is very much senior to me, around my mom’s age] whether she has done bunjy jumping.  I don’t know how this question popped up in my mind and I asked her.  In her young age, she had done Himalaya trekking with her soulmate and many other trekking with her elder sister, so it inspired me to ask her this question.  She told me that she and her husband have not yet done bunjy jumping but would like to do that if possible.  She also informed me that if you want to go for bunjy jumping, go to one organized at Newzealand, its the best in the world right now.  I said OK.  Then we all just chatted and also I gathered information about various trekking carried out in our country India by various organizations as I would love to go trekking also in future.  I was so happy to know about all these information.  After reaching home, I felt amazing with Universe’s cue to me that at perfect time in future I and my soulmate would surely go for bunjy jumping, because meeting aunt and asking her this question and her possible best answer for my question was all planned by the loving Universe to take us to our wish.  Right now I don’t know how and when all will be arranged, I know only one thing that we will definitely go to Newzealand for bunjy jumping, also to bunjy jumping and other adventures at Costa Rica Rain forests which is again my another dream vacation with my soulmate.

Feeling really amazing how Universe works for us.  Universe loves us unconditionally and wants us to be happy in all aspects, we have to just love Universe, understand its cues from time to time and have deep faith that all will happen at perfect time and in the most beautiful way.  Of course we have to take appropriate actions at appropriate time and that also happens perfectly if you are alert all the time to understand Universe’s signs and have deep faith in god.  “When?” and “how?” are the concerns of the Universe, not ours.  So just love the Universe with all your heart and be open to receive abundance in all aspects of your life.

Presently I am looking forward for my dream marriage.  I believe it will soon manifest in the most beautiful way.



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