You might think it as awareness or something but it can be fatal.

Since Whatsapp and other social networking trend has started, we get various types of news, photographs and videos almost everyday. Some are really inspiring positive stuff and some are negative. Many people share negative pictures and videos like accidents or crime or any other negative stuff. In my view primary aim here would be to make people aware of negativity but they do not know that by sharing pictures or videos of accidents and crime, they are creating another incidences of accidents and crimes. This is because when people see such videos or pictures, they give their bad feelings about the images and incidents. Some watch it and forget and others may discuss and share them further. Whether you share it or not, when you see those negativity and give your bad feelings, you give out frequencies and vibrations through your thoughts and feelings. Those frequencies and vibrations are negative and so they attract negativity existing on that frequency. That means more incidents of accident and crimes. By giving your attention to such negativity, you may attract accidents or crime to yourself or any other person (I mean you get to see more of such news and more news means somewhere negative thing is happening).

Few days back my aunt (my father’s younger sister) came to our place to see us. She stays near our house so occasionally comes to our place to see us. On her visit to our place few days back, while talking casually about everyday life, she informed us about a fatal accident from which she was luckily survived. It was really god’s grace. She informed that she took a highway road one day unlike other days to go for some work and while driving on highway she just survived from an accident that could have happened and would have been fatal.

After narrating us the experience she immediately said that she saw a video of the exactly same accident on Whatsapp. Also she told that the video showed exactly same accident but the guy who met with the accident in that video did not survived. I was in silent mode for some minutes as I could connect the dots between her watching the video received on WhatsApp about the accident and her survival from exactly same accident later. I did not tell her that she attracted that accident. The law of attraction gave her the idea to go through highway which she usually avoids. Law of Universe is faithful to your thoughts and feelings whether negative or positive. What you give, you must receive. Needless to say the guy who lost his life in the accident shown in that video, attracted it himself through his thoughts and feelings. The intensity of our thoughts and feelings about something determines our reality. My aunt survived because may be her positivity in life is more than negativity or may be her attention to that video was not much intense or prolonged. The law of attraction works mechanically, meaning you get what you think and feel may it be what you want or what you don’t want. Similarly, if some crime happens, its because people think about crime incidences, discuss them, give their attention to it with bad feelings and fear in heart. You cannot attract negativity unless you are on that frequency. In simple way I can explain, understand that there is a 4 storey building. Each floor on that building is vibrating (because everything in the Universe is energy in different forms with different frequencies, vibrations and magnetic fields) at a particular frequency. Let us assume that the ground floor is on negative frequency of crime, 1st floor is on negative frequency of accidents, 2nd floor is having negative frequency of debts and financial loss, on 3rd floor there is positive frequency of abundant money and wealth and on 4th floor its frequency of love and amazing things. Now if you are giving out negative thoughts and emotion about accidents, crime or debt etc., you are either on ground floor, 1st floor or 2nd floor. Being on those floors existing on negative frequencies, you cannot experience positive stuff which are on 3rd and 4th floor. For experiencing abundant love, money and other amazing things you need to go to 3rd & 4th floor. That means you have to raise your frequencies high to attract positivity existing on the high frequencies. Till the time you are on low frequencies, you will continue attracting negative things into your life in various forms like financial stress, injury, money loss or asset loss, ill health, crime, accident, etc. It is you who is creating your future life experiences by giving out thoughts and feelings now. You are not only creating your life experiences negative or positive but also influencing people and atmosphere surrounding you. If you are on high frequencies almost all the time then you surely can avoid negative things happening to you and even if some negative incident happens, its intensity and power of loss will be reduced by your positive thoughts like my aunt’s experience. Remember one positive thought is much more powerful than many negative thoughts.

Universe has not written anyone’s destiny. It has given everyone equal power within, to create future through thoughts and emotions felt in present. It is not that Universe wants some people to be happy with love and abundance and some with bad life experiences. It is not that Universe has defined that one person will live upto 80 years and the other only 50 years. Universe has not pre-written your destiny, you are creating your future with your thoughts, feelings and beliefs in present.

So rather than blaming god, law and order system in the country and others for negativity, take responsibility on your own for whatever you are experiencing. The world is experiencing negativity in various forms only because of constant negativity given out by billions of people on this earth every single minute through their thoughts and feelings. Eg. Economy is not experiencing recession, recession is in the mind of billions of people which is showing negative effects on economy. Transform you recession thoughts into abundance and see how abundance flows to you.

To change things in this physical world, first bring the change in your mind and heart. First eliminate negativity from your mind and heart, then only you will be able to eliminate it from physical world otherwise nothing will help, neither laws & regulations nor god because god is also bound with the law of attraction, an unfathomable law of Universe.


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