Take the control of your life! or someone else will!

I was on four days vacation to my sister’s place out of town for my nephew’s 3rd birthday. He is so cute and energetic baby. We all family members had a great time. Yesterday night I and my parents returned home. Journey was good.

Yesterday we boarded the train in the afternoon at around 2:05 pm. Before the train arrived, we were waiting for the train sitting on a bench on the platform. I was just observing the surrounding, the people, kids, shops, hawkers and few advertisement boards on the platform. This would be a normal activity which anyone would do taking a break from checking messages and browsing smart phones. While I was looking around in the surrounding I saw three people standing at some distance from our bench. One of them was looking like a saint with orange colour outfit and lots stone necklaces in his neck and stone rings in his fingers of both hands. He had long beared and hair. Whenever I see such saints like dressed people, I particularly have not so positive image about them and so this person. After few minutes of glancing the surrounding, our train arrived. We boarded the train and I don’t know whether it was fortunate or unfortunate to have that saint like dressed person in our compartment exactly in front of us. I think it was a good thing because that gave me an opportunity to know such people more closely through their words and behaviour.

Half an hour after boarding the train, I and my parents had our lunch. Dad then went to different compartment as we had one berth reserved there. I usually carry books with me to read while travelling but did not have one with me this time. So for an hour or so I got busy with listening songs on my phone, browsing the net and chatting with my friends. Mom fell asleep soon after lunch so I did not disturb her. After spending time on phone, I had two options, either sleep or just relax and observe the surrounding. For two hours I was asleep. Since beginning of journey I could see that the saint like dressed person was almost all time busy on phone. He had two phones, one simple and one smart phone. We were travelling in AC coach. He had a reservation done by his devotees or admirers for him. Whoever saw him was bowing down and greeting him with respect. I suppose many people including TC and rail attendant knew him, so all were very good to that person. He got tea and all but the person selling the tea did not charge him anything for tea as a mark of respect though he offered money.

From 4:00 pm to 5:45 pm I was asleep. As I woke up, again I observed this person busy on phone, may be he had many followers. After half an hour, at one station our train stopped. Passengers boarded from that station in our train. There were also some people who came just to see their relatives travelling in our train. I saw one family came to meet this saint like dressed person. Out of four people, two came in our compartment to meet this person. I overheard their conversation as they were talking quite loud, I think everyone in our compartment could clearly listen and understand the conversation. Out of the two, one was an intermediary who might have introduced this person to the family who came to meet him. They bought tea and all from home for this person. After giving him tea and all, they began telling that person about their life problems and asking for predicting how all can be resolved. That saint like dressed person then told the intermediary to inform the family about fees that he will charge for answering their questions. The problems which the young boy of the family told that person was regarding his studies and his brother’s love marriage. He asked whether everything will happen properly as they wish. For some reason, that saint like dressed person asked that young boy to go out of train and then asked the intermediary about fees and all. It was some amount in thousands and quite a good amount for any middle class family to afford. After talks about the fees, the saint like dressed person and the intermediary were laughing in absence of that young boy and family . This conversation stopped here. The train left the station and the family bid farewell to this saint like dressed person.

His phones continued to ring and in late evening again there was an interesting conversation on phone. Everyone could hear his conversation about the family who came to meet him on station. He told someone on call that every question asked is chargeable and without handsome fees nothing can be done by me. One cannot ask me to answer one question against a simple fee of Rs. 100. Every question should be backed by good fees. He was talking in terms of thousands of rupees and also making fun of that family and their questions. He also had a small pouch full of stone rings which he might be giving to people to wear for solving their problems.

Now you all must be thinking why am I sharing all this here. As I observed this scenario, I just wondered how weak people are. My heart said, why people have lost confidence in themselves that they need other people to predict their future? Why?

If that young boy wants to become a doctor as he said to that person, why he wants an opinion from others whether he can become a doctor. If the elder brother of that young boy loves a girl and that girl also love his brother, all family members are okay with their love marriage then why the parents of that guy again need an opinion of third person whether love marriage will be successful?

This is by far the most inappropriate and dangerous thing to do, ie. Giving the control of our life in someone else’s hands.

When we start asking other people about our life, we tend to believe in them and as we believe them, we work accordingly. If they say good then good and if bad then bad. We lose confidence in ourselves, we lose our capability to take decisions in life independently with confidence considering our knowledge and choices.

As it is correctly said, what we believe we receive because whatever your mind believes, it happens true for you because you are an energy field like every other thing in this Universe. If becoming doctor is what you truly want then be confident and go ahead. If you ask a third person and if he says you can’t become a doctor for any xyz reason and if you believe in his/her words, you will never become doctor because you believe in the words of others that you cannot become doctor.

Always believe in yourself, listen to your heart, pursue your dreams and seek guidance from god. In my view, if any saint like dressed person or any other person is truly willing to help people by guiding them on right path will never ask for money for their noble cause. I have seen real spiritual leaders who never ask for money and who are living a normal family life like us. They only say one thing and that is, think good and do good to yourself and others. Humanity is the foremost thing which is the essence of life.

If you are one of the person who has not yet taken control of life, then take charge of your life in your hands or someone else will take and your life book will be written by someone else who might not be good. Its time to awake and arise. Get the hold of your life, you have the power to create beautiful life for you and others.



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