What a communication! Unbelievably perfect

Hats off to the Universe…

God is so perfect in communication. I am speechless again.

This year in July, “Live your dreams – Create the life you wish” (this blog) had participated in a blogging contest on http://www.indiblogger.in (ie. blogging and networking platform for Indian bloggers). Various contests are organized regularly on Indiblogger in association with different brands. The contest in which my blog participated was “Kellogg’s Chocos ke saath khul jaay bachpan” sponsored by Kellogg’s. We were required to write blog posts about buddy parenting that we might have experienced in our family or around us. I wrote three posts about fun filled and learning moments with my 2 and half year old nephew. The contest results were supposed to be declared within two weeks, ie. end of July’15. From August onwards I began checking the Indiblogger website for results. I would check the site once in every three days. This continued till September end and I was quite irritated because results were not declared yet. So I decided not to check the site for results anymore because it was now over two months. But then a thought came “If I don’t check the website for results, how would I know when the results are declared?” Then an instant thought cropped up in my mind that why not leave this on Universe. Universe knows when the results will be out, it will communicate me by some or other way which I would understand. So I left all on the Universe and stopped bothering about results.

I totally forgot about the contest results and got busy in life. Yesterday morning I was checking fb feeds as I everyday do, while scrolling down the web page unexpectedly an advertisement link appeared. The advertisement was about Kellogg’s Chocos Khul Jaay Bachpan. I stopped on that advertisement and did not scroll further, thought to myself “Are contest results out?”. I asked this to myself instantly as I saw the advertisement. This ad was not from indiblogger but was a commercial ad from Kellogg’s but still I felt that after so many days why I am seeing this ad suddenly today? I think results are out and Universe is informing me by this ad. Yesterday, in morning I saw this ad but couldn’t get time to check the site for results. So in evening I checked the Indiblogger site and voila!!! the results were indeed declared. I couldn’t believe this. On the day of result I saw this ad and understood that results are out..Wow!!! Though I did not win any prize but I was so happy with god’s perfection in communication. God not only communicates perfectly but also takes care that we understand his communication and act appropriately. Isn’t this amazing? Always listen to your heart, your intuition, your inner instinct and act accordingly because its god’s guidance for correct path. I understood god’s hint about results, checked the site and the results were there.

We need to be alert all the time to understand god’s communication. When we start being aware of our thoughts and feelings 24*7, it becomes easy to understand Universe’s communication. The knowledge of the law of attraction is developing my intuitive powers and making my life easy more and more everyday. When you work under the guidance and unconditional love of god, life becomes very easy. Try it😊.


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