What Road Are you Going to Take?

Very true. Thoughts travel beyond limit. So positive vibrations can have solid impact on the person or situation even if he/she is miles away from you. Giving bad feelings for any negative news or situation or person would increase more and more negative news and more negativity in this world. You have a choice to spread positivity or negativity..you have a choice to take this world to love and light or to the lack of love and light.

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We have experiences every single day that seem to test our positive thought vibrations.  The experiences may come on the news or in our personal daily life.  We see all that is happening in the world and wonder why such experiences even exist.

We truly do have a choice in all of our experience and the experiences that seem to come into our life and we can do something about each and every experience through our personal vibration.

When there is an experience that is out of your hands, then that is the moment you can let go of the attachment to the sad and negative and send out strong higher and positive vibrations toward that experience. Some will say it doesn’t do a thing but you are doing something. You are creating vibrations that will help another even if they are across the nation or around the world. If…

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