“The Star-fish story” was an answer to my query

It has been 9 months now starting my blog. The aim of starting this blog was not only to share motivating experiences but to share the knowledge of the law of attraction or say the law of resonance with this world (refer to my earlier blog posts about quantum physics and law of attraction to know how the law of attraction governs human life). Three years back I came to know about this law of Universe and realised how our thoughts and feelings NOW are creating our future. As I experienced the power of thoughts and feelings and understood the mechanism of this law, I decided to share this amazing fact with this world so that people will understand how their life experiences are created by their thoughts, feelings and beliefs. I wanted to make people understand that they can create their life beautifully by positive thoughts and feelings. The negativity in this world has grown in such high level because of people’s focus on negativity. Negativity does not exist unless we give energy to it. Like in schools we never learned about darkness, we were taught about light because only light exists. Darkness is nothing but “lack of light”. Life will not be a struggle if we understand how life is to be lived by understanding how the law of attraction governs our life.

Though my blog is receiving very good response and people are informing me that they are getting immense positivity from my blog posts. Still, some times it felt whether I will be able to make a difference to this world with positivity? One of my friend told me that if one person’s life is positively impacted by my efforts then I am one step forward towards my goal because it has made difference to her life positively. I was really happy to hear this from my friend.

Yesterday a magic happened. As I was checking fb feeds in the morning as I everyday do, I came across an image titled “The Star fish story”. In that image, there was a short story. I read that story and was so much amazed because it was an answer to my query about making a difference in this world.

After reading this story, I feel so happy and grateful that god and my friend have been encouraging me for this big task.

A big thanks to the Universe and my friend who gave me positive frequency and answered my query. I believe “Live your dreams – Create the life you wish” will make a positive impact on this world. Don’t know when but it will happen, as it has already started.


2 thoughts on ““The Star-fish story” was an answer to my query

    1. Thank you so much. I am happy for making a difference in your life. Keep reading and keeping loving. Do share the knowledge and wisdom you receive from this blog to people around you. Continue spreading joy in this world. Thank you once again.


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