Sign from the Universe “A star”

Yesterday morning don’t know why a negativity cropped up in my mind regarding my dream job. I was extremely restless and confused whether I am on the right path and whether I will receive my dream job. I tried to calm myself and divert my mind to feel good but in vain. At this time only one thought came to my rescue and that was asking for a sign from the Universe.

I instantly asked god to show me “a star” some where as a sign that I am on the right path and that my dream job exists and it will come to me at perfect time. I told Universe that I love my dream job and I believe it will manifest but right now I am feeling confused so please resolve my confusion by showing a sign “a star” of any size, any color, anywhere. After requesting Universe, I tried to see around to find a star but couldn’t but I knew I would see a star somewhere. As I always visit feel good images on web to uplift my vibration, this time again I opened my phone browser and typed “I believe in my dreams” and pressed enter. I switched from web to images and various motivating images appeared. I began to read each word written on those images. Further scrolled down the page when more images were just loading, the screen was blank. Within few seconds the images loaded and appeared on screen and the first image appeared was of “stars” with the words “I believe in my dreams”, I was stunned and couldn’t believe it. It was a sign I asked for. I was super happy and gave tons of thanks to the Universe for showing me star, that too not 1 but many. I am so grateful to the god for listening to my heart and resolving my confusion. Now I know I am on the right path and will receive my dream job at perfect time as per god’s plan. Woo hoo!!! I am super happy. Love you god.


4 thoughts on “Sign from the Universe “A star”

  1. Want to tell u one of my experience…
    For one thing i was not very sure i was not able to make up my mind whether i am on right path or not hence i asked universe to guide me so to give clue i said show me camels if i am on right path….
    I made this request on 4th evening…
    And to my great surprise on 6th noon i saw 4 5 camels….
    And the area was so where u could rarely see camels….
    Thus universe removed all my confusion…
    I am really thankful to universe for guiding me…as well i thank you for providing various techniques to apply LOA through ur blog…


    1. Thank you so much for sharing your magical experience. I am really happy that you got your answer from the loving Universe. Once again thanks for appreciating and encouraging my efforts. Thank you so much.


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