It was a blessing in disguise.

In life we face many situations where initially we feel negative but soon we realise that its a blessing actually.  Many times I have faced such situations where god has uplifted me to the next level of my strength and potential from the present level by giving disappointment and then making me realise the reason behind that and a way to a more magnificent life.  There are many such experiences and I am happy that with each experience god has developed me into a better human being.  Today, I wish to share one such experience where god inspired me to take appropriate action leading me to my dream career.

Since 2010, interest in cyber space was gradually making place in my heart.  I was attracted to the cyber space.  At that time I was in the profession of Internal audit.  I spent around 8 years [from mid of 2008 to mid of 2015] in the field of internal audit and got to know many interesting things about the industries and businesses.  In these 8 years I really enjoyed the work but as I realised, that my mind and heart is inclining towards cyber space, I gradually made my heart to shift my career from internal audit into cyber security.  It felt amazing whenever I read articles on Information technology especially cyber crime preventions, detections, etc.  Though I decided to jump into this new field, I was not sure how to proceed because neither I had any professional qualification in Information technology or in cyber security nor I had any mentor or any family background in this area.  So I began searching web for proper information about this profession.  My search included seeking information about the courses available in the field of cyber security and interesting knowledgeable stuff about the subject.

Soon I began doing small free online courses like free course on cyber laws, facebook laws [ie. provisions from Information Technology Act, 2000 which provides punishment for online offences that included stuff posted or liked or shared on social networking sites], data privacy laws, etc.  Reading and learning about these tpoics was very interesting and with god’s grace I scored 100% marks in all these free courses.  But then these small courses were not enough for me to get into this profession with my dream job.  Some people suggested me to pursue CISSP [a globally recognized course in information security] but I was not eligible because of no work experience in cyber security/information technology field.  For a candidate to be eligible to receive a CISSP certification, passing exam as well as one or two years of work experience was required.  So I dropped the idea of doing CISSP for the time being and continued my search for other appropriate courses.

In July 2014, one day I was really upset with present work environment and with tears in my eyes, I asked Universe to give me positivity and show me a way to my dream career in cyber security because I was not enjoying my present work profile any more, I wanted to pursue my dream career.  That day, after I asked Universe to show me correct path, while searching google, I came across a website of an Institute offering professional courses in the area of forensic sciences and that included cyber security.  I visited the website and found an appropriate course and with god’s grace got admission into the course the next day.  It was a distant learning course, so study from home.  The deadline was approaching within 7 days but I managed to get admission within 2 days and well before the deadline.  I was super happy and excited to learn new things in this new field.

I joined the course in July 2014, cleared my first semester exam in April 2015 and appeared for 2nd semester exam in September 2015 of which result is due in October 2015.  I am sure to clear this one also with good score.

Meanwhile, in May 2015 [4 months back], I got an opportunity to participate in an online competition “Cyber Crime Challenge 2015” organized by one of the educational institute providing courses in this field.  Entry into the challenge was free.  This was my first experience of participating in such competition.  It was a totally new experience.  I was very excited to experience this new challenge.  It was a challenge where we had to solve 7 simulated cases of cyber crime investigation at 7 levels in the time period of 17 hours [starting from 11 am on May 17, 2015], one case at each level.  I prepared best for the competition by reading related informational material and downloading required softwares on my laptop.

On the day of the challenge, I was ready with my enthusiasm and excitement along with my laptop.  I was at home and after praying to god for the blessings, switched on my laptop.  At around 10 am we were supposed to receive an email from the organizers with the evidence files for beginning the challenge.  Till 10:30 am, there was no mail from the institute.  After few minutes, near to 11 am, I refreshed the webpage and bingo!!! there was an email with an evidence file.  It was an html file.  I opened the file with lot of curiosity thinking what would be in that.  As the webpage opened, it was a blank page with a red color background.  The page was totally blank, nothing was there in the page.  For few minutes, I was puzzled about this and then mailed to the institute that the page is totally blank and can’t see any content.  I got a surprising reply.  The reply from the institute said, you are a cyber crime investigator and its your job to investigate this page and find out the evidence and crack the level.  I was super puzzled, Oh God!!! now what?  I calmed myself and tried to find out in that blank page if something odd I can find.  May be something was hidden behind the red color, I thought.  Though this was a fictious case [not a real case] but the feel was quite real.  For two hours, I did my best to find out the evidence or any link in that html page.  After making efforts for two hours, suddenly a thought clicked my mind to check the source code.  When I checked the source code of the file, I saw a code to the evidence file, which will take me to the next level.  But directly from source code, one cannot go to that file.  So at this stage I was stuck.  I really tried my best to locate the file and crack the first level but I couldn’t.

This made me very upset.  I was so disappointed and lost my confidence of going into this new field [ie. my dream career].  I became so negative and lose all hopes.  I thought to myself, “I couldn’t crack even level 1?”.  Thinking this brought tears to my eyes.  I literally started crying and for few minutes just cried and asked god “Have I chosen a wrong profession?  Have I made a mistake pursuing my dream career and listening to my heart?”.  After few minutes, I got a sudden positivity, as if god did some magic.  As I calmed myself, a perfect thought came about learning coding.  My failure in detecting the evidence file in that blank html page was due to my lack of knowledge about computer source codes and scripts.  So, it made perfect sense to me that learning and understanding how computer works, how websites are build, how web works is extremely important for any person going into the field of IT.  Though, my job would not be of writing codes but to understand and analyse codes for identifying manipulations or anomalies or any related activity, it was necessary to have good working knowledge of codes and scripts.

Being a Chartered Accountant, I was not much aware of technicalities of information technology.  But my passion and my determination for pursuing my dream career gave me rock solid support in going into learning codes.  After wiping my tears, I immediately logged on to the web and searched for free online course in coding for beginners. I got a good free online course and the next moment I joined the course and started my html & CSS coding lessons.  When I started the first lesson, it felt so amazing.  I always love to learn new things and began enjoying this new journey of coding.  Right now, I have finished my html & CSS basics and started JAVA scripting lessons for beginners and of course I am enjoying learning JAVA.

That day I realised that god wants me to perform best in my dream career and so wants me to learn everything which is needed for the new profession and I believe I can do that.  Along with my certification in cyber security and online coding course, I am looking for my dream job [because 4 months back I left my job for pursuing my dream career].  It is my strong belief that whatever I wish and believe, I receive.  Universe loves me unconditionally.

This incidence was a blessing in disguise.  With this words, I wish to give you all a message that never give up on your dreams.  Universe wants you to do best and achieve your dreams.  Every challenge makes us strong and increases our potential compared to earlier.  Accept the challenges and move towards your dreams.  Universe is always with us, so talk to the universe, seek guidance, act appropriately and achieve your dreams with flying colours.



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