Crazy things which gave so much joy, can’t believe we did them.

Its been raining in our state since past two days continuously giving an amazing atmosphere.  I love rain, as the beauty of the atmosphere automatically uplifts my spirit high.  As I was enjoying rain today in the morning, the beautiful atmosphere took me back into the past for some time and was recalling how I, my elder sister and my friends used to enjoy rains in our childhood.  As the slide show of the beautiful moments from the past began to play before my eyes, more and more amazing moments started to flash as a clear vision making me feel like I am seeing them live just now.  I was feeling enormous joy which cannot be described in words.  My soul began to recall all the crazy things which we did as kids.  They were incredibly crazy acts if we look back today but when we were kids we really did those crazy acts and don’t know why but we enjoyed them a lot.  Today also if I get an opportunity to do crazy things I would surely do it.  The moment I recalled all the crazy moments, the thought of sharing those funny crazy moments with you all struck my mind.  So here we go into my past….

Played badminton in wind and rains: 

This is crazy but yes I, my sister and our friends did it.  I don’t remember exact age, but I think we all were about 8 to 10 years of age.  Our family shifted to new house in an area located around 10 kms from city.  It was a new area and was less populated.  For around 6-7 kms from our new locality one would see only lush green trees and fields surrounding the vicinity.  It was an amazing scene.  One evening as everyday stuff, we were playing badminton outside our house near an open field.  It was cloudy out there with dark rain clouds covering the entire sky.  We knew it would rain soon but thought to continue playing badminton.  Soon the cold wind started flowing and our shuttle-cock began wandering here and there.  The moment one would service the shuttle, the wind would blow it far.  It was cumbersome every time going here and there to pick it up.  Mom dad asked us to stop playing and return home as there was wind and playing badminton in windy atmosphere is something crazy.  But we did not listen and continued playing because we loved badminton and we wanted to play.  After some crazy flights of the shuttle-cock, the rain started.  Oh Wow!!! everyone shouted.  All were so excited as it started raining.  Mom dad again called us home as the rain began.  But our mind was thinking to do some crazy stuff.  We told mom dad we would play in rain.  Every one was surprised and we all kids continued hitting shuttle-cock in the rain.  The shuttle was making us workout so much each time it was served and hit but we were determined to play badminton.  It was crazy playing badminton in wind and rains but we did it and we enjoyed it.  It was amazing.  Though we did it for once but yes we really enjoyed it.

Played Tennis with tennis ball and badminton rackets:

It was an injustice with those badminton rackets who bore the pressure of hitting the tennis ball.  It was really funny.  Actually don’t know how and when the tennis game got into our head and made us mad for it that we started playing the game with badminton rackets.  From some where we got the tennis ball but we did not have the tennis rackets.  As our badminton rackets were old and the strings had become weak, it was the time to change those rackets.  So we thought, anyway these rackets are old now and before we throw them and get new ones, why not try tennis with them.  This was a crazy idea but what to do, kids are just kids and they can do anything.  One fine evening, I and my sister began playing tennis with badminton rackets.  When dad saw us, he was literally surprised.  Dad told us not to play tennis with badminton racket because badminton rackets are made to face shuttle-cock and not strong tennis ball, and as dad was champion in badminton in his school days, it was obvious that he would feel our idea bad and crazy.  We politely told dad, that as the rackets’ strings are now on the verge of breaking, before we threw them, we thought to give it a shot.  Dad was still not convinced but we expressed our excitement of playing tennis and he got convinced.  It was the enthusiasm for playing tennis which made us play it with badminton racket.  We could have played it with tennis racket but we were not ready to wait for the time new tennis rackets were bought.  So we played tennis with badminton racket for three days [in evening] and finally bid farewell to the broken rackets.  It was obvious that badminton racket would not survive after playing hard with tennis ball.  But we enjoyed.  We were happy that we did not break new rackets but we used old deteriorating rackets to play our tennis game.  We did this once but amazingly enjoyed.  Today if we think about this, it seriously make us think “How could we do that to those poor badminton rackets?”

Played Kabbadi game on skates:

In our childhood, the game of Kabbaddi was very famous.  We used to play it in the school as well as out of the school during our play time in evening with our friends.  Kabbaddi is a game were there are two teams.

The two teams are on opposite halves of a small field. They take turns sending a “raider” into the other half. This is to win points b tackling members of the opposing team. Then the raider tries to return to his own half. He holds his breath and chants the word “Kabaddi” during the whole raid. The raider must not cross the lobby unless he touches any of his opponents. If he does not touch anyone then he will be “out”. There is also a bonus line. If the raider touches it and returns to his side of the field, he will get extra points. We used to enjoy this game a  lot.  When we were kids, we were a good skaters.  So one day in the evening while skating with our friends, we thought “How about playing Kabbaddi on skates?”.  First, all gave an odd look but then everyone agreed to give it a try.  We played the game on terrace of the house and it was an amazing feeling playing Kabbaddi on skates. Wow!!!.  We did manage to play without falling down.  That was a skill.

Picnic in the Attic used as a store room:

Now this sounds weird right?  Can anyone imagine to enjoy picnic in a store room?  No!  But we as kids did this adventure.  At our old house, one of our family friends were staying near by our house.  I, my sister and two of our friends used to go to the same school and were very close friends.  The two friends were brother and sister.  In there house, there was an Attic which was used as store room.  That room had a window small in height but the length was quite good.  It would cover approx. one side of wall in entirety and the height of the room was so less that we could barely sit.  Though this was the condition, not at all comfortable from any side but still many evenings we spent there enjoying our snacks and observing scene from the window.  We would eat and at the same time look out of the window and observe people, animals, birds and nature outside.  We enjoyed it a lot.  And yes one more important info, that Attic did not have any fan or lights.  So we would gather there for some 1 hour in the evening before it gets dark outside.  This is hard to imagine such an act today but we enjoyed that in our childhood when we were barely 6-7 years of age.  Children are really awesome.  They can find enjoyment any where which an adult could never imagine.

Visited “Cable TV service provider” approx. 5-6 times for one movie”:

This incident happened some 15 years back.  It was a rainy season with quite a good but slow rains pouring continuously for two-three days.  That time, we did not have much TV channels like we have today.  So cable TV was much in trend.  Everyone had cable connection at their place.  At that time one movie featuring new actor “Akshay Kumar” was released.  The name of the movie was “Khiladi”.  It was a suspense thriller and so of much interest to our friends group.  We all were staying in the same society and so the cable TV service provider was same for all of us.  It was a week off or holiday in school I really don’t remember but we all were at home.  As one of our friends had watched this new movie which was played on cable TV, informed us that the movie is really good, we all got excited to watch the suspense thriller.  But since two days back it was played on cable TV, there was no chance of it being played again in near future, at least for next 30 days.  But who can wait for 30 days, no one from our group was patient enough to wait for 30 days to watch the movie and the movie was already out from the theatres, so we had only one option to request the cable TV service provider to play the movie again for us.  It was an off day, so we were at home.  We went to the cable provider and requested him if he could play that movie again for us.  He first denied but then agreed that in a day or two he will play it for us.  We were so happy.  For next two days we waited for the movie but to our dismay he did not play it.  So we again went to his house and asked him about the movie, he told us that as he was out of town, he could not play it and that today he will play.  Wow!!! we all were so excited.  At the fixed time in the afternoon, we all were in front of the TV.  All the elders at home asked us “What happened? Is it your movie going to be played today? We excited shouted Yes!!!.  As the movie started, soon we realised that the reception was not good.  The display and sound were not clear.  Without wasting any further time, we ran to the cable service provider and informed him that the telecast is not clear and requested him to look into the matter and play again.  His house was some 8-10 mins. away from our place.  He agreed to adjust the cables and again telecast.  We returned to our house and took our seat in front of TV.  Again the telecast has some issue.  Again we visited his house and requested him to make the display and sound of the telecast proper.  This continued for approx. 5-6 times till the telecast was perfect.  This was really crazy act.  But we were so determined to watch that movie that running to the cable provider’s house 5-6 times [once in rain] was not a difficult task for us.  Finally we saw the movie that day and enjoyed it a lot.  The cable provider knew us and our families well so co-operated us and fulfilled our wish to watch the movie.  As I recall this incidence today, it really sounds odd because if today anyone ask me to visit 5-6 times for telecast of one movie, I would certainly not do that but kids are kids after all.  No one can beat the enthusiasm kids have.  We were as enthusiastic as today’s kids.

It was so awesome feeling to do silly crazy things.  The above are few crazy experiences out of many enjoyed during our childhood.  Mostly all people might have done some or the other crazy things for joy and stopped as we became adult.  No one would think of doing silly crazy things in adulthood because the first question crops into our mind is “If I do this thing, what people will think or say about me?  Am I crazy?”  As we grow up we forget to live life the way it should be lived.  Responsibilities are there in adulthood for sure but does it mean we should forget to genuinely laugh out loud from heart?  As we grow up we tend to think more about what people would think or say about us.  We are not concerned with our happiness by doing what we really love but we are more concerned about what people will think about us.  There is only one difference between a life when we were kids and after we grew into an adult and that difference is living in the moment.  Kids live in the moment and make most of it.  Each day they wake up with super energy and excitement for the day.  They enjoy each and every small thing around them.  While we as adult, wake up in the morning with all unnecessary stuff in mind like work, money, family, traffic, boss, etc. etc.  In this so called fast life we forget to enjoy the moment.  When we commute from home to office, we curse the traffic if we are getting late, we yell at other people if someone droves his vehicle in front of us. We give out lot of negativity and stress in the atmosphere and hardly take time to see the beauty in everything around us while we are commuting.

Life is all about living in the moment.  Live every single moment of life as if that is the last moment.  Give all your heart in that moment and see how amazing it feels.  Recall amazing moments from the past and enjoy the amazing feeling.  Be happy NOW to experience happy moments in future.



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