A tiny cute little guest came for me…Wow!!!


It was an amazing moment when I saw this tiny little cute green grasshopper on the wall of our kitchen near the door of the back yard.  I was so surprised when I saw this grasshopper.  The moment I saw this, my expression was “Oh god…Grasshopper green”?   Actually a month back I had a wish to see a chameleon and a green grasshopper as I had not seen them since many years.  My memory could not remember when these creatures delighted my eyes last time.  I thought “Are these creatures now extinct?  Few years back, I could see these creatures everyday and now none?  What happened to them?”  These were questions to myself.  So I put my wish to the Universe to see those creatures anywhere.  I do not know where I would see them, but I wished to see them somewhere.  “When and where were” are the concerns of god.  So I just gave a thought and let it go.  When I wished to see them, I could literally visualize a colourful chameleon camouflaging in the nature and a green grasshopper.  It felt so amazing seeing those creatures in my vision.  Later I forget this thought and got busy in life.

Around 10 days back, I went to a social function with my parents.  While my mom and dad were busy in talking to people there, I was sitting on a chair checking my facebook feeds.  There was no one of my age and after some Hi and all with elders there I got busy in my phone.  I think this would be obvious with any one of my age.  So now when I least expected it, a magic happened.

As I was scrolling through the FB feeds, I saw a big picture of a chameleon on the fb page of a wildlife organization.  I was super surprised.  How god does that?  Its amazing.  My wish to see a chameleon was fulfilled…Wow!!!

After coming home, I saw Lord Krishna’s picture pasted on my closet and said, thank you god for showing me a chameleon and now still grasshopper is pending but I believe it is coming to me soon.  Thank you so much god.

And guess what, the night before yesterday as I went to my kitchen to drink water, my eyes got stuck at some tiny green creature sitting on the wall near the door of the backyard.  I went close to see what it was and voila!!! it was a tiny cute little green grasshopper. Wow!!!.  Super amazing.  This is really amazing.  I felt so happy and was literally on high frequency.  Without wasting any time, I clicked few pictures of this cute creature and said “Hey! You came for me specially?  Wow!!! Thank you.”  I was smiling like anything.  God fulfilled my wish of seeing a green grasshopper.  The pictures clicked when the grasshopper was on the wall were not clear, so I clicked another few pictures when it flew on the floor.

Telling god about our wishes is good because wishes come naturally from heart and we should not resist them.  I always listen to my heart.  I love my life and always want to enjoy every single moment.

Hope my beautiful experience would give smile to millions of people over the world.


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