Miracles Still Happen

Miracle happen to those who believe in it. I believe in miracle. Only god has the power to make impossible possible but to do that god want our love and faith for him.

Stubborn And Courageous

You know those times where your parents, pastor, or even best friend can tell you something repetitively and you’re in this haze but then you come to this “great revelation” of that very thing that they had told you the whole time?

Is that true for anyone else? Or is this just me?

It’s not that in the past I doubted the truth, (although some really do for one reason or another), but when it becomes real, everything changes. I guess it’s just where the light comes on and that truth gets illuminated and comes alive to us.

My pen has been on vacation but there’s been more times where I have wanted to write but couldn’t bring myself to do it because I was still mulling over my experience and how it aligns with what the Bible says about that very thing.

This past week has been particularly busy…

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