If you are gossiping, hang on!!!

Gossiping is not a new term for anyone here.  We all know how gossiping has become an integral part of our everyday life.  Some people enjoy gossiping and some unintentionally drop into gossiping.

There might be different views of people about the term “gossiping” but what I understand is “gossiping” means discussing personal matter of any person.  Even if it is not our business discussing some one else’s personal matters, we indulge into such discussions not being aware of how much negativity we are attracting to ourselves by giving out negative thoughts for others intentionally or unintentionally.  Whatever we give, we receive, that is the law of nature.

Since my childhood I had heard and also seen that mostly women are said to be interested in gossiping but for last two – three years I have understood that not only women but men are also equally interested in gossiping.  This is hard to digest but this is what I have seen in past few years.  It is not important that who is gossiping, important is to understand that is it worth discussing people’s lives if we are not directly or indirectly concerned?  Sometimes we gossip about others and sometimes we are the subject matter of other’s gossips, in both the situations we are affected.

How law of attraction works when you gossip/give out negative thoughts or make fun of others, etc.?

When you say anything negative about others to anyone, you are first thinking negative thoughts before you speak.  The moment you think, you give out negative vibrations and frequencies out in the universe and the moment you speak out, you are giving more energy and force to the negativity by your words.  After you speak to other person, you get reply on the subject and then the discussion starts.  It can be other way round, it may happen that some one initiates the discussion with you and you reply to them and indulge into gossiping.  Anyway you are participating in giving out negative frequencies and vibrations into the universe and those negative frequencies will attract negative things, people and circumstances to you in future, may it be instantly or near future or far future but Universe surely starts working on your negative thoughts the moment you think.  Remember that you are giving out negative thoughts and so only you will receive negativity in future.  Suppose 3 people are gossiping, each person will be giving out negative vibrations and frequencies.  The intensity of negative thoughts would be different for all the 3 people and so everyone would receive negativity in their lives in some or the other way.

May it be any negative thought about any one, you will attract negativity in any form.  It is not like you gossip then in turn law of attraction will make people gossip about.  It is not that you give out A and you will attract exactly A.  Giving out negative thoughts attract negativity in any form.  It may be loss of money, loss of reputation, loss of relationship, health issues, physical injury, family issues, stress & disappointment at work, etc.  Negativity can come to you in any form.  On the other side if you are speaking good about others, appreciating others then you will attract more and more positive people, things and circumstances to you.  Positivity can come to you in any form, like appreciation from others, increase in inflow of money, good health, joyful moments in family and friends, appreciation at work, joy of materialistic goods, etc.  When you give out negative vibes, you are on low frequency and so you attract negative things existing on low frequency whereas being on high frequency, you can attract more and more amazing things existing on high frequency in the Universe.

Your thoughts are pure energy and they have their own magnetic fields that attracts things, people and circumstances existing on the frequency of the thoughts that you give out into the Universe.

How law of attraction works for you when you are the subject of a gossip/people gossip about you?

When you come to know that some one spoke negative about you or anything false about you, then you might feel bad.  You would think “How could anyone think that about me?” or “Why people say so?” or “Why that person thought and said so about me?”.  Your mind and heart would get occupied with bad feelings and lots of questions like those mentioned above.  Some people are very easy going who hardly give any attention to such discussions about them, however some people are so sensitive about such incidences that they tend to take stress about they being gossiped.  They think and think and think, and give out bad feelings.  They tend to be upset, they loose interest in whatever they are doing and give all their focus and energy on unnecessary words and thoughts of others about them.  The more you feel bad about people discussing your personal matters or any stuff in a negative way, the more you will attract such discussions and other kind of negativity in life.  Again, I would emphasis, negativity can come in any way.  So if you are giving out bad feelings, then you could gradually attract health issues, depression, money problems, relationship issues, etc.  If some one says negative about you, then let them say.  Other people’s opinion or thoughts about you should not matter much to you if you know yourself well.  The people who know you well and love you will never believe on something negative told about you and if some one believes on negative stuff about you then he/she might not be knowing you well, so anyway it should not bother you.  The point here is we should not give any good or bad feelings to negative discussions carried out by other about us.  We should not bother about such things because the more we are bothered, the more we attract negativity.  We should have the capability to handle such stuff positively.  It is subjective how one can handle it but I am sure everyone out there has the rationale thinking and capability how they can positively handle such situations.

Energy goes where focus and attention goes

Negativity exist only if we give energy to it.  Energy goes where focus and attention goes.  So not giving attention to unnecessary things in life will help you not giving rise to negativity.  Focus and attention should be given to positive thoughts and feelings only.  Focus on good and amazing things in your life and stop giving your attention by thoughts and discussions about the stuff you do not like [about yourself or anyone else].  Unless you stop giving out negativity, you cannot stop attracting it to you.  Positive things, people and circumstances will be visible in this physical world only if positivity is in mind and heart.  If mind and heart are carrying negativity, do not expect positivity outside because doing that will lead to frustration.

You cannot change anything outside unless you change inside.

Understand how life works, how our thoughts and feelings create our life.  When one properly understands the law of Universe, one can improve his/her life and can help others to improve their life.




6 thoughts on “If you are gossiping, hang on!!!

    1. Thank you very Alok for the appreciation and encouragement. I really hope people would understand the consequences of negative thoughts and the power of positive thoughts. Even if one person gets benefited positively by my blog, it will be a big encouragement. Thanks you once again for the wonderful words.

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