Tears of Joy!!!

Today’s evening was really magical.  After taking a short nap in the afternoon as I opened my eyes while lying in the bed, first thought came to my mind was the song “Nachan Farate” from Bollywood movie “All is Well”.  I don’t know why this song came to my mind but I like this song, so did not resist the thought and just enjoyed the song in my mind singing and visualizing.  I saw this movie yesterday and was really happy because the story contained something about love, wishes and how Universe fulfils our wishes.  In the movie, law of attraction was shown and I could very well relate it to my present life where I am experiencing the magic of Universe everyday.  After few minutes of visualization about the song, I got out of the bed and went to the living room where dad was listening to the songs played on FM Radio.  The song which was being played on radio was over by the time I entered the living room and the next song started and it literally put me in utter surprise.  You know what, it was the song “Nachan Farate” from the movie “All is Well” that I had just thought of and visualized.  I was so happy to listen to the song.  I thanked Universe for responding to my thought so fast.  I did not thought of the song deliberately but it was a random thought that Universe materialized.

I know the law of attraction works to intentional as well as unintentional thoughts, so this time it was unintentional thought.  The moment this all happened, I decided to share this experience here because this is the place where I share my joyful experiences and also because I feel amazing when I talk to my friends here.

The magic does not stop here.  Every Sunday, we have Lord Krishna’s puja at home in evening at 7:00 pm.  So today for puja, I thought of preparing “Sooji Halwa” [sweet made from Semolina (Sooji)] for prasad [sweet we offer to the god during Puja].  I was really happy with the above experience and the thought of sharing it here with you.  While preparing prasad only one thought was in my mind and that was regarding writing this beautiful experience.  Again thinking of that movie, one more song clicked me which is really beautiful and melodious, so it felt I should share that song’s info also with you all here.  After this thought, you would not believe what happened.  The moment I thought of another song, I heard that song literally not in mind but in reality.  Yes! the FM radio played this song the moment I thought of it, as if the radio team was listening to my inner voice.  I was feeling over joyed and literally tears rolled down my eyes looking at Universe’s love for me.

I am so grateful to the Universe for giving me this magical experience.  It is really magical because I just thought of and it materialized.  This is not the first time it has happened but every time it happens it gives me immense joy and increases my love for god more and more everyday.  Thank you Universe.

I would like to share the video of that another song “Baaton ko teri na bhula saka” from the movie “All is well” which I heard while making prasad.   I would like you to see this full song.  Its really beautiful romantic song.


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