Universe answered.

I believe Universe answers our questions by showing us signs and sometimes with clear messages. If we are alert, we can see and understand those messages. Universe knows everything that is the fact and so I believe in its guidance and answers.

Since yesterday, something was bothering me which made me upset. Sometimes when people interpret you wrongly and you receive unexpected blames for their dis-comforts, it really surprises you and keeps knocking your head…how can anyone think that way?

As I was not feeling good since yesterday evening, I asked Universe to help me raise my vibrations and make me feel amazing. Feeling amazing is important because if you are on low frequency ie. If you are upset or feeling low, you tend to attract more stuff that will make you feel low. If you want to attract good things, you have to be on high frequency of joy and gratitude.

I tried my best to uplift my mood and raise my vibrations by doing things I love like listening to songs, doing workout, doing house hold work, etc. but could not feel amazing and my mind could not get free from the negative stuff. I requested Universe for giving me positive vibes.

Today evening, at around 4 pm while I was talking to one of my good friends, I received an email notification on my phone. I opened the email and saw the subject line. I was stunned reading the subject line. For few seconds I just gazed at it. The subject of the email was “You are perfect where you stand”. This was the answer to my issue. Universe gave its green signal by saying that my stand (decision) was perfect. When I opened the email, there was a link from one of the blogs from my twitter follower, whom I follow. I went to the link and the page opened was containing a quote from Abraham Hicks. The quote said “you are on the right path, in the right way…..”. There were few more words which I have not mentioned here but the crux was that, the way I handled the issue which was bothering me was correct and I am on the right track. I was so relaxed and happy to see Universe’s answer. Though, the issue was not much important or critical for my life but still it was bothering me because it was an unexpected situation.

I was feeling so good after knowing that loving Universe is with me, guiding me all the time. This undoubtedly raise my vibrations and made me happy.

I shared this experience here to tell you all that Universe loves us conditionally and is always with us. It communicates perfectly, if we are alert we can see the messages and be guided with this supreme power of whom we are a small part.


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