Attracted money….this is so fast

Sometimes I just wonder how beautiful the Universe is and so its law of attraction. Though I am aware of this phenominal law for last three years, it feels that I am still learning this law as it unfolds its magic everyday.

Today I experienced again how feeling good about money attracts it to you.

At around 11 am today I and my parents were getting ready for attending a social function. My mom gave me two gift envelopes of Rs. 501 each for writing the names and seal the covers. I wrote the names on both the covers and before sealing checked whether money was properly kept which my mom told me to do. I checked the money and felt so good. Though we were giving the money, it felt really good.

After attending the function, as we approached the parking area to get our vehicles, I opened my bag to take the vehicle key and while looking for the key what I saw was Rs. 500 currency note in my bag. I was quite surprised, but then remembered that it was the gift money I had received on my birthday that was in my bag as I forgot to put in my wallet. It was Rs. 501 exact.

For past one month I did not remember about this gift money but today I attracted it by just feeling good about money.

I am feeling amazing how I attracted the money today. The law of attraction is awesome. I can create my life, do whatever I wish and ofcourse good things.

Can’t believe I attracted Rs. 501 by just feeling good about money. Love you god.

I would suggest you to really try testing your power of thoughts, its magical.


2 thoughts on “Attracted money….this is so fast

  1. I agree – In my current company, they run a fortnight pay cycle; so i get my salary every 15 days and that keeps me more excited that i have even felt in my earlier 5 companies.
    Most people who get monthly pay really just work on that day (on a humorous note), while i work twice the month 🙂


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