Jokes apart…

Very well written. Thanks Alok for sharing those laughing moments with the world.

The Learning Curve

I have encountered some incidents in the past that gave me a good laugh. There is learning also in each of them, so they go with the title of my site too 🙂

Let’s delve into them:

1. Prelude: Some of us have a serious issue of not being attentive to others, even in one-to-one conversations. Blame most of it on the use of social media and our wandering thoughts, thus keeping us from being in the present.

Incident: I had a friend of mine from college who came to visit us after he had gotten married also. As soon as we took our seats and were done with basic conversations, we started talking about other friends from college that we were in touch with. He asked about a lady who studied with us and I said ‘She is expecting,’ to which my buddy suddenly replied ‘What is she expecting?’

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